Ballinger Park Board moving forward with lake playground

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register
City Manager Brian Frieda (White shirt) and others discuss the particulars of the playground with Child's Play Incorporated's Jay Robertson (purple shirt) at Ballinger City Lake. L-R: Chad Mercer, Joyce Waterfill (Rotary President), Elaine Paske and Connie Flores (park board members), Brian Frieda, Jay Robertson and park board member Chad Hardy.

Ballinger City Manager Brian Frieda, as well as members of the Ballinger Park Board and Ballinger Rotary Club met at Ballinger Lake to discuss installing a playground. Jay Robertson, of Child’s Play Inc., was on hand to discuss the details.

The playground will be located in the loop between the inside RV spots and road. The playground will be approximately 31’x35, which comes out to about 1,085 square feet. The playground and other associated costs are being paid for by the city, the Park Board and the Rotary Club. The total cost is expected to be approximately $20,025.00. While visiting the site for the playground, Frieda said that he wants an increased presence at the lake, “We need to have security cameras out here and more frequent patrols by the police department.”

The work will require some electrical work and the Park Board is waiting on the contractor to get an estimate. There will also be some plumbing work required.

The location for the playground was given careful consideration as to rain runoff, possible flooding, distance from the lake, etc. According to Robertson, the playground will be suitable for up to 44 children at a time.

The Park Board is also discussing planting some trees in the area. Frieda said that he would like the playground to be in place and open by the spring. According to Robertson, it takes 3 days to build the playground, “We’ve done some really big community builds and this one isn’t as big as some others.” Once the playground is ordered, it takes about 2 months to get the parts build and delivered. Once everything is ready, the company will begin the 3 days of construction. The park will be closed during construction.

Some of the other amenities being discussed are benches, waste receptacles and dog cleanup stations. As for the equipment, the overall consensus was for bright colors. There are still some decisions to be made, such as what kind of matting to put down.

The money for the playground is coming from the Park Board, the city and the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club will be providing $5000 plus $7,500 in other equipment, for a total of $7,500.

Park Board chairwoman Elaine Paske and City Manage Brian Frieda look on as park board member Chad Hardy measures distance at the location where the playground will be built at Ballingery City Lake.