From the Pastor:

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register
Gary Karschner is the pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Miles.

This past Sunday evening I went to the school to pray for the staff, students, and parents as they begin their new school year. Kudos to Bonnie Huckabee for putting this community prayer gathering together. I double-dipped my time there. I also had a meeting with a dear friend, Katrina Torres, to talk about the Cotton Fest parade. At the time of this writing the parade is still on, but things may have changed between Sunday evening and the printing of the Messenger you are reading. Katrina graciously asked me to announce the parade and I am humbled by her offer. We spoke of some possible new additions to the event. She wants this year’s parade to be a record setter. If you have ideas regarding the parade please call her and discuss your thoughts with her. I am sure she would welcome your assistance.

Now, back to the group offering prayers for the new school year. There were about forty people in attendance. They were moving about so fast it was hard to get a perfect count. There were administrators (teachers and all school folks included) and their spouses, parents and their children, and some caring and concerned citizens to offer up prayers for all levels of concerns for this new year. Bonnie had a list of concerns offered up by the teachers and staff at the school. I have to say the list was varied and also very specific in prayer needs. Bonnie had us gather and form a circle. Katrina suggested the administrators, teachers and staff get into the middle of the circle so we could see them and offer prayers specifically for those individuals.

We all listened as Bonnie lead the prayer for the group. At the conclusion of the prayer we were encouraged to walk the campus and pray for specific areas or classrooms, but not enter the buildings. I specifically prayed over the buses and the drivers of those “yellow dogs”. I also prayed an extra prayer for the office staff and cafeteria staff. These important folks often do not get the credit they are due. These two prayers were in addition to the prayer of safety I offered for the entire MISD community. I know I shouldn’t tell you who I prayed for but maybe you will offer a word or two based on my prayers. Have a great year! I am anxious to see how it goes.

Thanks to all who came out Sunday night to pray. You are a blessing to this community.

Please keep praying for rain.

P.S. I heard there was a large influx of Texans in Indiana this past weekend. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Kendra Schwertner. I heard the folks in Indiana now know how we Texans throw a party. Well done Sklenariks.

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