Ballinger Printing’s Steve Gray enters city council election

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register
Ballinger native, and owner of Ballinger Printing, Steve Gray, has thrown his hat in the ring in a bid for District 4 on the Ballinger City Council.

1. What position are you running for?

I am running for Single Member District 4.

2. Why are you running?

I have long been dissatisfied with city government, accountability, & general lack of transparency. For years I have preached to the kids if you see something that needs to be done, you do it, don’t wait for someone else to do it, and I can’t expect them to heed the words I avoid. So, I decided you can either cry from the sidelines or you can get on the field and play; and it is my turn to serve the people of my city.

3. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the position that you’re running for?

“We have never done that before.” I have heard this excuse my entire life here and I see that as a major problem to overcome.

4. What qualities do you feel best epitomize the ideal candidate for the position for which you are running?

We need forward thinking on the council so that we can be proactive instead of reactive, as we usually are. We also need a strong minded council to be able to take responsibility for what is happening, what has happened, and what is going to happen. Because if you can take responsibility then you can reign in the problems and correctly make change. Also, we need to realize the city is basically a business owned by the people of the city. So, JD Rockefeller’s 10 principals of management ring true in this situation because the people put the council in the position of management. 1. Be honest and trustworthy 2.Take time to rest 3. Schedule your day 4. Keep a close watch on company finances 5. Delegate tasks 6. Strive for perfection 7. Create unity 8. Establish a support system 9. Foster Competition 10. Respect your employees.

I think we have been lacking in a few of these qualities, which is what has led to some of the unrest we have seen in the recent past.

Thus far, Ballinger City Council has 4 people running for office in the upcoming election: Steve Gray; District 4, Mike Riley; District 4, Ryan Lange; District 3, Ken Manley; District 1.

The candidate questionnaire is available for anyone running for office or nomination in the upcoming elections from throughout the county; school board, hospital board, any city councils, etc. The newspaper does not have the names and email addresses of all of the candidates for the respective positions, therefore, the questionnaire is only emailed to those candidates who email the newspaper and request it. The candidates are not required to answer every question. You may answer as many or as few questions as you would like. Personal attacks are not allowed in the responses.

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