From the Pastor: Cinema Moments

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register
Gary Karschner is the pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Miles, TX.

I am a sucker for a good movie. Some folks call them films or flicks, but I like to call them movies. Movies used to be a good place to take a date. A movie date in my time (just after the talkies were created) was not a bad deal. You could take a date and get a ticket to the movie, get her popcorn and a Dr. Pepper, and it would cost less than five dollars for the both of you. This was when the minimum wage was about ninety cents an hour.

When I was in elementary school, for a quarter, you could get a ticket and have money left over for popcorn and a Dr. Pepper. If you didn’t want a soda you could get two candy options. I always liked Juicyfruits and a Milky Way to go with my popcorn. That would get you through the cartoons, the previews of coming attractions, the serial adventure, and newsreel. Why don’t they do newsreels anymore? Probably because we get news so fast that by the time it made it to the cinema on a newsreel it would be a historical reflection rather than a current event.

Do you remember when local businesses were shown on the screen between the news and the cartoons? It was so cool seeing a place you did business with on the big screen, and maybe you would recognize someone you knew in the commercial and let out a woop or a whistle. Now a days they don’t show those anymore. I guess it was an economic challenge competing with the television market.

Seating in the movie was subject to what you were into at the time. As a younger person it was neat to sit in the first two rows and get the full effect of the big screen.. These days that might cause me to get nauseated. As you got older you might have chosen to sit in the back of the theater or even dared to move up to the balcony for a little more privacy. I know as a kid in junior high we would all go in mass to the movie and sit together, unless you were with a date. If that was the case you were usually the minority in the group. Guys, do you remember planning your “move’” to put your arm around your date? It was an awkward maneuver and heaven knows it was by no means comfortable. Ladies, how did it work for you? Don’t forget the peer pressure offered by the many observers, or your wing man and his date being there also. Where did you put your Dr. Pepper and popcorn during this process? Did you ever knock over a large soda in a theater? Yeah, me too. Now I know why the floors were sticky and filled with unwanted candy like licorice Juicyfruits or hard popcorn kernels.

When the movie was over I would fight my way to the lobby and get some much needed blood flowing back into my arm. When everyone stood in a massive group outside the doors of the theater, you and your group or date would decide what was next on the agenda for the evening. Sometimes your night ended with the, heaven forbid, honking of the car horn and your mom’s voice calling your name from across the parking lot. It was as if everyone within range of her voice immediately stopped and stared at you. Did anyone else not want to be seen with your parents when you were around your friends? Man, what I would give to see them now.

Please pray for our nation and for rain. We are needing cool waters to flow over both.

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