From the pastor: Pray for peace & harmony

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register
Gary Karschner is the pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Miles.

This week, because of the crazy heat, I have been staying inside more than usual. This meansI haven’t ventured out except to go to church and to the radio station to record the Sunday morning radio show. I have to admit I am missing social interaction. Red, Cody and I manage to get along very well, but there is just something about seeing friends in public that is special.

I have to tell you, with folks wearing masks I am not always sure to whom I am speaking. If they are wearing sunglasses and a mask the chance of me recognizing them is pretty slim. I have to process the voice to know who the person standing in front of me is. It is very strange indeed. The mask doesn’t help the voice. So if I look like I don’t recognize you in public its probably because I don’t recognize you. Also, I wish I could tell if that person is smiling or frowning!!

This coming weekend I am supposed to DJ a wedding. Think of a DJ wearing a mask and talking into a microphone. This wedding may or may not take place. The directives of the governor or the mayor of San Angelo may determine if there will be a wedding! Because of the increase in suspected cases of the Covid 19 things may change. Note: what happened to the Corona part of this virus? Any ideas?

This proposed wedding has me concerned. Folks are dying from this virus. I know some folks don’t think this virus is a real deal. I personally think it is deadly serious and I respect it. The folks speaking about the death of loved ones is not fake. It is not made up. These families have lost family members to this virus. I don’t want to become a statistic on the ten o’clock news. This weekend I am going to do all I can to make the bride and groom have the best day of their lives and also keep me and them safe. It is new ground and must be treated with respect.

Channel change: With disgust, I have been watching all the riots occurring in our major and not so major cities. If police are not there to stop this flow of violence, who will stop it? I watched a gentleman from Atlanta use these five words three times in a one minute interview. These five words are plot, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize. Think about this as a military tactic exercise. I am worried about the health of our nation. We have problems and it is more than a red and blue issue. Notice what is going on around you and your nation. Let us pray that peace and harmony will once again prevail.

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