From the pastor: The actions of a few hurting so many

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register

I am still disturbed by the actions of a few that are hurting so many. The protests have spawned riots for opportunistic thieves and vandals to operate in without fear of being caught. I hear some cities are considering eliminating their police forces. Are you SERIOUS? Who is going to protect us law abiding citizens? People are complaining about their police forces, but if you have a problem, who you gonna call? It isn't the Ghostbusters. It is the police officers who will come check on that burglary of your home. If you get robbed at work who is going to come take that report for you to have to file with your insurance?

The police are a very important and often a very underappreciated portion of our lives. Let’s show some appreciation for them and their jobs. They are the only thing that is standing between us and anarchy. If you think Bubba and his buddies will be the only ones carrying guns you are badly mistaken. There will be so many pistol-packing, rifle-toting folks out there that it will look like the first day of hunting season in Texas AND it will only get worse.

Remember when folks used to go behind the barn to settle their issues? Now they will be doing these fights on the streets of our towns and cities using automatic weapons to determine a winner. The wild west will be making a comeback. That bully now has a gun and there is not a person around who is going to stop him. It will be ugly.

Please go out of your way to thank a law enforcement officer and tell them they are appreciated. They may be the only person who will come help when you need help. Keep them on your side. Keep praying for rain.