Bearcat Nutrition offers healthy drinks and positivity for your day

Bill Hancock
Albert and Jessica Garcia own Bearcat Nutrition at 7th Street and Strong Ave. Their shop offers healthy drinks, such as hot and cold coffees, teas and shakes, as well as snacks. You can walk in and order or you can text in your order.

Bearcat Nutrition opened on October 4th at 200 S. 7th Street in Ballinger and has been attracting more customers every day with their healthy shakes, coffees and teas. The idea behind the shop was to help the community, “We wanted to put more healthy options in the community,” said Jessica Garcia, who, along with her husband Albert, own the popular health destination.

Albert says that currently they serve over 200 customers a week, and their hours are customer-friendly for students and workers alike, “We’ve been received well. This is just what Ballinger needed and we’re glad that we’re here. Many people like it because we open at 7 a.m.” The shop serves hot coffees, ice coffees, protein bars, energy mixes in shakes and teas and more.

When you walk in the shop you are immediately greeted by cheers from both of the Garcias, “Here, to be that positive part of someone’s day is important. Once people walk out the door, they are back in the world and life is there, and negativity can come into people’s lives. We always cheer for whoever comes in, no matter how many people come in. We cheer people on and that’s our goal, to show love to everyone,” Jessica says. The Garcias are a walking, talking testament to their healthy shakes and bars, and are great examples of what people can do if they want to start living healthy, “We’ve each lost 60 lbs since 2015.“

Jessica says that the customer base is mostly composed of women, “We have a lot of working moms, teachers, wait staff and a handful of men who stop in every day. We have a lot of great people from Ballinger Home Health and Hospice that stop in. We have one woman who comes in from Bronte. She texts us her order in the mornings and then comes in and picks it up. We also have several high school students that come in before class.” The text number for Bearcat Nutrtion is 325-215-8807.

Jessica says that in addition to the healthy shakes, teas and snacks, Bearcat Nutrition has workout classes every week, “We have the workouts from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday and from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. on Saturday.” Jessica has over a decade of experience as a fitness instructor and teaches the classes, “We do dance fitness on Monday. Wednesdays and Saturdays are circuit training. We have something for people of all ages and abilities. The classes are open to everyone and we want people to know that there is no shame or embarrassment at the classes. Some people are in great shape and others aren’t. We have something for all of them. People love the workouts because of the positivity and judgment-free workouts. Some people have told us that they could not get here fast enough.”

The Garcias say that most people who come in want to lose weight, “Some people want to lose 10 lbs and some people want to lose 50 lbs or more. We tell them that it’s not so much about what the scale says as it is about what you think of yourself.” Albert says that positive self-esteem is important to everyone, “We wan to teach people to look at themselves in a positive way, because if you look at yourself positively, it doesn’t matter what the scale says.”

It’s easy to walk into Bearcat Nutrition in a sour mode but it’s almost impossible to walk out with that same sour mood. The first thing you hear when you open the doors are the Garcias loudly cheering for you. They live what they preach. And it doesn’t end when you walk out the door because they write positive comments on your drinks, “You are the best you!” or “Yea! You!” or “You are AWESOME!” The comments that they write are full of boundless positivity. There is no limit to the positive feelings in the shop and as you walk back out into the world. It’s apparent that when the Garcias say that they love every person who comes in, they mean it from the bottom of their hearts. The love and appreciation for you, whoever you are, regardless of size, shape, age, fitness level, weight, ethnicity, gender, etc., is clear on the smiles on the Garcias’ faces when their eyes light up as you walk in.

Albert says that their energy shakes aren’t the run-of-the-mill, “Pump you up with sugar” type of drinks, “Our coffees only have 2 grams of sugar, and they’re natural sugars. We are really big on nutrition. All of our products are nutrition based. We don’t have fad diets. Everything we sell is to help your body. Everything that you get here is feeding your body on a healthy nutritional level.”

To list the flavor options would take up a full page of this newspaper. Bearcat Nutrition has over 50 shake options alone, including Butterfingerz, Snickerz, Zebra cake, Caramel Macchiato, Banana Split, Browie and Butter Pecan, along with a myriad of other options. The flavors are just what they sound like, “The Snickerz tastes like Snickers, but without the sugar.” You can also have them custom make your favorite mix-and-match, “We can make over 200 shakes.”

The teas have numerous options as well, including Boba for you tea. You can have the Garcias add additional energy mixes to your teas and shakes without the cringe-worthy taste that many people have come to associate with sugarless or reduced-sugar drinks. Their coffees, teas and shakes are flavorful and soothing and they are becoming more popular in Ballinger every day.

You can contact Bearcat Nutrition at (325) 340-7201 or look them up on Facebook at Bearcat Nutrition for more information on the variety of healthy drinks that they offer and to find out more about their fitness classes. Their location is catty-cornered from the Runnels County Courthouse at the corner of Strong Ave and S. 7th Street (Highway 83). You can text in your order ahead of time at (325) 215-8807.