Ron White to bring laughs to Lake Charles

Micah Pickering
Comedy powerhouse Ron White will be performing at the Golden Nugget Casino Resort on August 3 in Lake Charles.

White spoke to the Beauregard Daily News about the big show and his thoughts on returning to Southwest Louisiana.

“I’ve been playing Louisiana for years now, and it’s always a blast,” White said. “Growing up, I used to party in Lake Charles a lot.”

White is quite possibly one of the busiest comedians in the business. While at his home in Los Angeles, he performs 3 sets a night at various venues. His tour takes him to 110 cities a year, and that doesn’t even include the TV appearances and charity work he does. 

“The road is the road,” he said. “The shows have been huge. My Netflix special last year did really well, and now I think I’m bigger than I’ve ever been. I’m still having a blast doing it.” 

The special, titledIf You Quit Listening, I’ll Shut Up,debuted on Netflix in October of last year, and White said that it created a new audience for him. 

 “Ever since the Netflix special I’ve noticed that there are more younger people in the audience at my shows,” White said. 

White spoke about how much work and creative effort goes into writing jokes for an hour-long special. By his own admission, he is a tough critic of his own material. 

“To make a special like that it takes a couple of years of trying new stuff out,” White said. “My personal requirement is that the show is powerful. It is very difficult to put new stuff in it, and it’s even harder to take old stuff out. My ultimate goal is to keep it strong. I want the material to be strong from start to finish.”

In his spare time, White loves to golf. He expressed that he can’t wait to hit the course at the Golden Nugget. 

“I play golf a lot,” White said. “They have a great track there at the Golden Nugget, and I’m definitely playing while I’m there.” 

Many people don’t know that White has a famous friend that he likes to golf with from time to time. In the interview, White said that he and famous talk show psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw are friends and have played golf together on many occasions. 

White said that the two became friends after McGraw attended one of his shows with his wife Robin. White said that he and McGraw have similar childhoods in Texas, and had similar life experiences. 

“He and I have similar backgrounds,” White said. “The only difference between us is that he’s a doctor.”

Another fact that many fans may not know about is that Ron White has his own award-winning brand of tequila. White touted the success ofNumber Juan Tequila, calling it the best in the world.

“I drink it every day,” he said. “It truly is the best tequila in the world. It’ll probably kill me eventually, but I don’t care.”

Ron White has been one of the top three grossing stand-up comedians on tour since 2004. His album sales number in the millions and he has received two Grammy nominations. 

White took a moment in the interview to thank the fans who have supported him over the years.

“I’m grateful to my fans. They bought me a plane, after all. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and don’t bring your kids to my shows.”

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