Giving happens year-round in this community, but the Winters Area Foundation is making a special emphasis during the month of November.  Letters to potential donors will be mailed, posters along with donation envelopes will be placed around town and publicity is being created. 


For several local organizations, this is a critical event.  Special projects are funded with funds received during this event.  For the Winters Ministerial Alliance, the donations are essential to maintaining the operation of the Samaritan House.  The Z.I. Hale Museum depends on these funds to make improvements to their facilities.  The Winters Area Sports and Recreation Association is a newly-formed organization that wants to provide better facilities for the youth as well as the adults.  They are continually working to better walking paths, cross-country sites and practice courses for the golf teams.  Also concerned with the opportunities for the youth of Winters is the Winters Area Foundation and their goal is to provide substantial scholarships for WHS graduates. 


When the financial gift is made, the donor has the option of supporting any or all of the groups listed on the donation envelope.  The money is a tax-deductible gift and acknowledgment is made through the parent organization, Community Foundation of Abilene.  The entire amount of your gift is sent to the organization so designated by you.  All handling fees are absorbed by the Winters Area Foundation. 


Donations by check or cash may be mailed in the envelopes available for you, but online donations are taken as well.  For those who prefer to make credit card donations, Winters Gives is an option at the Community Foundation of Abilene website: The drop-down menu under Community Impact lists Winters Gives and follow the instruction there.  If you are donating in memory or honor of someone, list that in the blank designated as Recognition as well as to which organization you want to help with your gifts.  Or if you are donating to more than one group, list the amount each group will receive. 


The Winters area has a reputation for being a giving community.  That is evident by the past generosity of all who consider this area their home.  Even those who no longer live in Winters continue to give and support the needs of Winters.  Please find a way to donate in some method.  Donations are accepted during the whole year, but this month’s gifts are essential to these organizations.