This week I want to remind all the readers  to please support  the Miles Lions Club and attend the upcoming Daddy-Daughter/Mother-Son Dance to be held on Friday, October 25, at Weatherby Hall.

We are still working on the time, but it will be convenient to most schedules. The cost is by donation and the attire is Western dress. This will be the second year we have done this and it was a big success last year. We Lions expect the same result this year. There will be snacks and beverages for all participants.  Bring your daughters and sons and be prepared to dance the night away to old and new songs. Grandparents please know you are welcome to bring your grandkids and have some fun also. This is a no age limit event. As a DJ I have had the pleasure of watching thousands of folks, young and old,  "kick up their heels" over the years, and it still amazes me how majestic and beautiful it is to watch a couple doing a waltz....gliding across the dance floor. There are great old school dancers in this part of the country that still do it that way, and then there are some of the new country dancers that  are more into seeing how they repeat the motion rather than actually feel the music and respond to the beat. I respectfully call them "pump-handle" dancers. All they do is step and pump. You may or may not have seen them on the dance floors. The male lead will look intently down at the dance floor and pump his dance partners arm up and down to the beat of the music. The female will step and touch her toe behind her and repeat. I enjoy the Red Dirt  and the Texas Country music of today. I am a favorite of the older country music I listened to in my younger years. I had a young couple request some older country at a dance I was playing. They suggested George, Garth and Reba type music. Older to me is Ray Price and Patsy Cline. The generation gap just turned into a giant generation chasm. Things change. I bet there were serious “discussions” about the music you listened to in your youth. Did your parents offer their opinions about your choice in vinyl and eight-tracks? Yes, me too. The Beatles caused some serious dinner table battles. I bet your parents and even your grandparents had more than one conversation with others regarding the music of your times. Swing and Rock and Roll music caused social divides when they hit the airwaves. The more things change the more they stay the same. Radio still has challenging lyrics and strange sounding beats coming directly at our eardrums. I dare say, in the years to come, you will be talking to the next generation/s about the music of today...and yesterday. Let's keep praying for that elusive, gentle, long lasting rain to hang over us for three days. I hate to do that to the keepers of the land. The farmers say, "all rain is good", but I bet there are some rains that are better than others for the keepers of the earth. These men and women who toil for the land have my upmost respect. I wonder what they listen to when they are in their big rig tractors working the land?