The Christoval Cougars rolled into Miles looking to come away with a win to improve their playoff seeding in the second-to-the-last game of the season. Miles had already locked down a playoff spot but that didn’t stop them from taking down the Cougars in a punch-for-punch melee’.

Christoval started out with a touchdown 4 minutes into the 1st quarter on a 55-yard rushing touchdown by quarterback Brayden Wilcox. The Cougars added on the PAT to go up by a score of 7-0.

The game was dominated by good defense on both sides of the ball. The Bulldogs kept fighting and playing for field position and it paid off with 1 minute to go in the second quarter when they punched the ball in on a 1-yard rush. The PAT tied the score at 7 each.

Tenacity and teamwork paid off in the second half for Miles. But what paid off the most was their heart, a lot of heart.

With 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter Christoval’s Wilcox scored on another long run, this one from 50 yards. Another successful PAT notched the score at 14-7. After the kickoff the Bulldogs weren’t able to move the ball so they punted from deep on their own side of the field. The Cougars steadily moved the ball and Wilcox scored his 3rd touchdown of the night, this time from only 5 yards out. The PAT failed and that would come back to haunt them.

Four minutes into the 4th quarter and Miles moved the ball at a solid pace when quarterback Jared Flores ran the ball in from the 2-yard line. Miles attempted a 2-point conversion but failed leaving the score at 20-13. Miles kicked off to Christoval with 8 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. Their defense stepped up as they dug deep and stopped the Cougars. Christoval seemed to be playing ball control in an attempt to run out the clock. The Bulldogs feasted on that game plan and forced a Christoval punt after just 2 minutes.

Miles took over on their own 37-yard line with just over 6 minutes to go. Coach Boles and he staff we coaching the players up after every down and you could see the defenders standing with their hands on their hips after each play. A healthy dose of Flores and running back Mason Bryan was wearing them down. There were no easy tackles as it took gang tackling to bring down the determined Miles runners time after time. Many times the defenders to make first contact with Flores or Bryan were left grasping the tails of their jerseys.

Miles was determined as electricity filled the air because everyone in the stands and on the sidelines knew that they were watching something special happen right before their eyes.

In the span of 2 minutes the solid Miles offensive line had steadily kept the defenders on their heals. With the ball on the 26-yard line Flores unleashed a beautiful pass on a fade route by wide receiver Noel Sanchez. Heading toward the back corner of the end zone, looking over his right shoulder with the light in his eyes, Sanchez with eyes as big as coffee cup saucers, hauled in a spectacular pass that first hit his helmet and shoulder pads that he then brought down and secured against his chest. The crowd was ecstatic and energy poured from every area of the stands. You could feel the field pulsating as people jumped up and down in the stands and stomped their feet.

The score was now 20-19. Boles and crew could have played it safe and gone for a simple PAT to tie the score. But this is coach Boles and he knows how to ride a wave of energy. He didn’t do anything fancy, didn’t try any trick plays, he just dared Christoval to stop them as he put the ball in Bryan’s hands. Bryan punched right up the Cougar gut as he shoved, pushed, fought, pummeled the defensive line and eventually used brute force to thrust himself backwards through defenders and over the goal line to the raucous cheering of the fans. The score was 21 for Miles and 20 for Christoval.

There was under four minutes left when Miles kicked off to the Cougars. Christoval didn’t get much of a return and started at their own 15-yard line. After a couple of penalties they were pinned deep in their own territory. They managed to move the ball out to the 21-yard line but their drive stalled at that point. Even though both teams were worn out, there was no quit in the Bulldogs. They stepped up time and again and hindered any attempts by the Cougars to build steam.

Miles took over on downs and moved the ball to about the 10-yard line. With just over a minute left Christoval was out of timeouts so Boles held his arms up in “V” for the victory formation kneel down. Three kneel downs later and the stadium erupted with the 21-20 slugfest win.

After the game you could read every drop of emotion on Boles’ face as he glowed with pride in a team that fought hard, dug deep and proved to themselves that they were never out of the contest. Their unquestioned resolve powered every effort that they put forth and there was nothing going to deny them a win. It was a grind but Boles faith in his team and the players’ faith in themselves was rewarded with a significant win.


Ballinger blanks Coleman

Ballinger went into Coleman and defeated the 2-8 Bluecats by a score of 41-0. Ballinger junior quarterback Edgar Nunez was 1 of 3 on passing for 1 touchdown and senior Cody Harral was 2 of 3 on passing for 1 touchdown. The Bearcats did the rest on the ground, pounding out 200 yards of rushing.

The stats are incomplete and show Nunez with only 119 yards in rushing. The official MaxPreps score shows them running only 21 plays compared to Coleman’s 56.

Ballinger prepares to host TLCA for their last game of the season on November 9th. TLCA is 1-8 overall and 0-6 in district play. Ballinger is 6-3 overall and 4-2 in district play and will look to come away with another solid win to cement their place in the playoffs.


Winters rolls Ozona

Winters went into Ozona on Friday and rolled the Ozona Lions by a scored of 24-13. It was the last game of the regular season for the Blizzards who finish their regular season at 7-3.

Blizzards’ quarterback Jovan Young kept his legs churning as he has all season on his way to 215 yards rushing on 23 carries. He scored all 4 of Winters touchdowns. He only attempted 2 passes, completing on to his dependable receiver Alex Salas. Nick Brown has been a powerhouse all season and continued with his workload carrying the ball 20 times for 129 yards. Young, Brown and Salas have presented formidable problems for defenses all season and they finished off the season the same way they started, with the big 3 doing most of the damage.

Winters finished district play at 2-2 and came and had improvements from last season, mainly the play of their defensive and offensive lines, respectively. Their district record was 4-1 last year before the change this season to 2A-1 Region 1 District 3.