The Winters Blizzards froze the Bangs Dragons in their tracks. Coach McCarty and his team of ballers took down a Dragons team that has not won a game since Sept. 9, 2016. They were 2-7 in 2016, 0-10 in 2017, respectively, and are now 0-3 in 2018. They came into the game as underdogs after losing their first game to Early by a score of 60-20 and losing their second game to Hawley 69-32.

The Dragons are a team that have heart and to their credit, they never gave up. Standing up to the Winters onslaught has proven to be a formidable task for their opponents this season and was insurmountable for Bangs. Winters had a convincing win as they’ve improved to 3-0 this season. They started off with a win over Goldthwaite 34-14 and then defeated Eldorado by a score of 22-0. The Blizzards continue to improve with each game.

Senior quarterback Jovan Young was unstoppable as he rushed seventeen times for 234 yards. The only player that came close to his number of carries was senior running back Nick Brown with nine carries for 64 yards.

Overall Winters ran the ball 37 times for 378 yards and four touchdowns. They were not only able to move the ball at-will, they were able to hang on to it and didn’t have any turnovers. McCarty had the players well prepared and they had solid execution. The Blizzards play fundamental football and they play it well. They win at the line of scrimmage, the win special teams matchups and their defense is quick to play stop-gap football, defeating opponent’s running game and passing game.

Their next game is against the Ranger Bulldogs who have a record of 1-2 this year. With McCarty and his staff continually improving, they should be more than ready to take down the Bulldogs and win the game. Ranger has proven unable to stop the running games of their opponents and Young could put 300 yards on the board in that game.


Ballinger loses at home

to Colorado City, 42-34


If you just looked at the stats you’d think that Ballinger came away with a win. But they fell short by eight points in a hard fought contest that was a grind for both teams. Both teams fought bravely in the line of scrimmage trench and were evenly matched.

Ballinger dominated the game in almost every category except for the final score and penalties. Junior quarterback Edgar Nunez was 11/16 for 111 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 111 yards. Tyler Vaughn had 111 yards rushing and sixty-nine yards receiving. Both of Vaughn’s rushing touchdowns came on fifty yard plays that he broke open. While he can bulldog his way through a line for some yards, Vaughn showed a quality rare in most running backs: He was patient. He followed his blockers and allowed plays to develop in front of him as he found the holes and hit them with purpose. In one play, Vaughn followed the right tackle who was stood up at the line of scrimmage so he bounced over behind the right tackle. He had his hand on the player’s back as he looked for a hole to punch through. When, once again, an opening failed to appear, he bounced to the outside and was able to cut around the end for a solid gain. The offensive line played well for the most part, making those key blocks for the running game and giving Nunez some protection so he could have a productive passing game.

The running back platoon rushed for a collective 285 yards and three touchdowns. The defense made three sacks and three tackles for loss. The Bearcats special teams unit didn’t fair well. They returned two punts for -11 yards.

The Bearcats had nineteen first downs compared to Colorado’s fifteen first downs. Ballinger dominated the time of possession with 26:42 while Colorado finished with 21:08. Ballinger had 56 offensive plays to Colorado’s 41.

The Bearcats’ Achilles heal was penalties, Ballinger had seven penalties for fifty-seven yards and Colorado had four penalties for 45 yards. Penalties have been the bane of coach Lipsey’s season and they continued to torment the team during the game. Big plays were called back and the defense had penalties that were called against them that resulted in Colorado getting first downs.

Colorado put up a quick fourteen points on the board in the first quarter, making it look as if there was a blowout in the making. The Bearcats and Lipsey weren’t going to let that happen. Lipsey and the players have shown time and again that they can adapt on the run and they did it well this game. Their play calling was more conservative in the first quarter but Lipsey opened it up some in the second quarter, resulting in the Bearcats scoring thirteen points to finish the half at 14-13.

The third quarter was played evenly with Colorado putting up six points to the Bearcats’ seven points as the quarter ended at a 20-20 tie. The fourth quarter was fast and furious as both teams turned on the heat. They moved up and down the field and scored a combined 36 points in the quarter. Colorado managed 22 points while Ballinger only managed 14 as time ran out with Colorado taking the game, 42-34.

After the game coach Lipsey said that the team played hard and talked about their game, “All of the things we didn’t do right tonight are fixable.” The offense has proven that they can put points on the board and the defense has been performing well this season. Coach Lipsey and the players know that penalties are not an excuse to lose and are sure to make the corrections and fix the things that are “fixable.” The team has shown a lot of heart under Lipsey’s leadership this season and they are expected to storm back to winning after their bye this week. The Bearcats have improved with every game this season. This might be the game that they learn the most from and enable them to win some of the tough matchups they’ll soon be facing.


Miles falls to

Roscoe, 41-29


In their first game of the season, Miles put 67 points on the board against Ranger. They followed that up by scoring 53 points against the Roby Lions and holding the them scoreless. Roby started the season with a loss to Hawley Bearcats by a score of 41-29. Next they gave up 53 points to Stamford in another loss. Miles was the clear favorite coming into the contest against the Plowboys.

Mason Bryan started the scoring with a 52-yard touchdown run. After a successful PAT, the score was 7-0. The score remained there until the Bulldogs scored a safety with 11 minutes to go in the second quarter and brought the score 9-0. Two minutes later Roscoe answered with a score on a 39-yard pass and brought the score to 9-7. A scant three minutes later, Roscoe receiver Brandon Lavalais scored on a 23-yard pass. The score was then 9-14 and the Plowboys passing game was solid with several long completions. Roscoe scored a rushing touchdown five minutes into the third quarter and brought the score to 9-21. Four minutes later Miles answered with a touchdown of their own and brought the score to 15-21 after Miles missed the PAT.

With less than a minute to go in the third quarter, Mason Bryan found the end zone again and brought the score up to 22-21 after they converted the PAT. In the fourth quarter, Roscoe broke out with a 60-yard touchdown run. The two-point conversion attempt failed and the score was Mason 22, Roscoe 27. One minute later Mason Bryan answered that score with a 65-yard rushing touchdown of his own. After the PAT, the score was 29-27. Roscoe answered with another score on their next possession and took the lead, 29-34 after another successful PAT. Within two minutes, after a turnover on downs by Miles, Roscoe scored again and brought the score to 29-41.

Miles played a tough game and while they scored on some big plays, Roscoe did the same and was able to take advantage of Miles through the air. Coach Boles and his staff have done an excellent job of preparing their team for tough games but this one got away from them. Since this game got away from them late they didn’t have enough time on the clock to stage a comeback, especially with the Plowboys scoring two touchdowns within a couple of minutes.

The Bulldogs’ next game is against the 2-1 Baird Bears who won only one game last year. The Bears have mauled Grape Creek, Menard and Irion County this season, scoring 96 points while only giving up 47. Boles and his staff are sure to have their team prepared for the game and will be expected to come away with a big win.