This past week we at the Methodist Church had to cease meeting on Sunday mornings.

The state officials have set down restrictions on the number of folks gathering in one place. Well, the number of folks allowed to get together in one place is 10. This number is for the safety of the church and the world.

Well, I still am a clergy person and my church needs me to lead and offer them substance. I was not going to let an inconvenience stop me from taking care of my flock. There had to be a way to get a sermon to them on Sunday morning. I contacted my friend Kathie at KCSA radio for help. She offered the perfect solution. We would air a taped program on Sunday morning. Well that was great, but there was so much to do before we had a tape ready to broadcast.

Thursday afternoon I started literally writing a sermon, writing prayers and picking music for a Saturday morning taping session. There was so much to do in such a short time. I don't usually write out a manuscript sermon. I use cards and walk and ask questions of the congregation.

This would be different: awkwardly different.

But, we got it done. I can't thank Kathie enough for her help. We were both at the station on Sunday morning waiting for the delivery of the newborn programming. It was a good thing she was there. The program needed some tweaking and she did it effortlessly.

I have to make my new teeth work better, because I could not speak at all. We have things to work on to make it better.

We want to continue to do these Sunday morning sermons for as long as it is necessary. We will be expanding the format to include more music, expanded messages and meditations. I know many, not just us Methodists, are out of their churches and need a place to feed their spiritual bodies. These taped services will air on Sunday mornings at 10:00 A.M. on KCSA 97.1 radio. It can also be picked up on the webpage of this station, On the top right corner you will see "Listen Live". I can tell you the services will be different. From the message to the music and comments, it will be unusual. I am looking forward to this new opportunity to minister to the homebound. Your comments are most welcomed.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Miles.