The first time I met Officer Lane Pinckney, he scared me to death! Today, I consider him a good friend and the perfect choice for Justice of the Peace.

Dear Editor,

The first time I met Officer Lane Pinckney, he scared me to death! Today, I consider him a good friend and the perfect choice for Justice of the Peace.

You see, we’ve been hunting around this area for over 25 years and I finally purchased the Cross Creek Ranch, just north of Rowena, back in 2003. Early on, we’d decided to dove hunt and I shot at a passing bird. Immediately a truck that had been driving by in the distance locked up their brakes on the gravel road. A door slammed, and here comes Lane, over the fence, through the brush, making a rapid beeline for me! 'Game Warden! Let me see your license!'. Even 100% legal, it still scared me to death!

Over the next 15 years, I’ve gotten to know Lane, and now consider him a good friend. Lane has come out to our area several times – sometimes asking about neighbor’s activity, and sometimes investigating potential ‘road hunters’. We even have a charitable dove hunt each year on the ranch (this is our 15th year), where we’ve raised over $150,000 for ChristianWorks for Children - an adoption agency that has been a part of our family. But friendship or not, Lane would come out and dutifully check our 20+ hunters. I would warn my hunters, 'Yes, we know the Warden, but he will NOT go easy!’.

It was funny, but I would sometimes see Lane sneak in with his binoculars and do some recon before he drove onto our field. Without fail, he would faithfully check ALL of us - every time! 'But Lane, we're old friends – and we’re always legal!' Didn't matter to Lane – and I grew to respect that about him. Lane was always courteous and respectful, but he was also diligent and consistent in how he enforced Texas game laws – for friends or strangers.

Now that Lane has retired after 30 years as Game Warden, I realized that it was our loss. Lane saved our county from being overhunted - and kept our laws consistently - for everyone. Lane made sure that Texas got the appropriate licensing revenue for future wildlife conservation. He may have come across initially as intimidating, but frankly, Lane is the type of Officer we ALL benefit from as he ran the backroads and kept the law.

Now, Lane is running for Justice of the Peace. Personally, I can't think of anyone better to be elected than Lane. He will apply the laws equally and without fail in every situation. And it won’t matter if Lane is presiding over a case with his best friend or a total stranger – I am 100% confident that Lane will treat everyone fair, and let the rule of law govern his actions.

Lane was one of the best Game Wardens that this state has ever had – and we sincerely appreciate his service. And, even though he initially scared me to death, I believe we'd be lucky to have him serve as our next Justice of the Peace. I hope you will share my letter and join the rest of us during the run-off vote on May 22nd to support Lane Pinckney.


Michael L. Sanderson

General Manager, Cross Creek Ranch