Newspapers are ephemeral things. They have a life span of one day before they are yesterday’s news and are consigned to the waste basket. All the research and work and thought put into the stories by the people who write them is pretty much forgotten, so in the back of every reporter’s mind is the nagging question, “Is anyone reading this?” Every now and again, a reader responds to a story, and whether the comments are good or bad, positive or negative, the reporter knows his efforts have not gone for naught.

Recently, I wrote a Good Morning column about being more than ready for spring to arrive. It finished with a note about a movie from the 1950s titled “Come Next Spring.” A man who had come into the paper for some purpose, recognized me, and said, “I watched that movie you wrote about. I found in on YouTube and watched it the other night. Good movie.” Ah, positive proof that someone out there is reading what I write. Not only that, he was motivated to search for and watch a movie that I had recommended.

The piece about Old Time Radio that ran recently produced a comment by a reader that not only had she liked it, but that she was inspired to see if the retirement home where her mother is living could find a way to make some of the shows available to the residents. Score two for the writers.

We also hear from readers if we make a mistake, as I did in the piece that ran in Thursday’s tab about the Best of Texoma 2018 titled “Capturing the Light.” I interviewed Sherman photographer John Spears, who got his start with, and still operates the Quin Photography Studio founded by Victor Quin. Mr. Spears referred to his mentor several times as Mr. Quin and I did not ask how to spell it or about his first name. When I was writing the story, and I came across the comment on my recording, Paul Quinn popped into my head and that is what I wrote. Paul Quinn is a college in Dallas. My apologies to Mr. Spears for the error.

Happy birthday to Becky Brown, Sammy Walton, Leeann Jacobs, and Mary Lindsey, all of Sherman; and Nate Jarnagin of Garland.

Happy anniversary to B.R. and Kelley Frith of Sherman, 11 years.