Did you sacrifice some sleep Wednesday morning? If you rose early before the sun began to shine you could have seen the total lunar eclipse.

Did you sacrifice some sleep Wednesday morning? If you rose early before the sun began to shine you could have seen the total lunar eclipse. It was certainly impressive enough to lose a few winks. On school days my alarm goes off long before the sun appears. My first steps last Wednesday led me to the West window to peek out at the moon. It had been so bright before bedtime that no street light was needed. The moon light cast many shadows in the yard. It was still as bright Wednesday morning. But the brightness had begun to fade by the time I had showered and shaved. The earth’s shadow began to appear in the upper left side of the moon. By the time I was behind the wheel of the school bus the moon’s light was almost hidden. From the East came the first rays of the sun. The brighter the day light became the moon began to vanish from human sight.

I knew when to take a look outside to see this impressive heavenly event because it made the news. The weatherman predicted the hour and minute that this event would happen. Because of the precision of the rotation of the earth and moon, the scientists can calculate such things. When God created the sun, moon and earth He made it perfect. What a wonderful design!

High Tide and Low Tide around the shorelines are known because of God’s placement of the moon’s influence upon the earth. These things provide me with more evidence in God. How awesome is our God!

Something else impresses me about the eclipse. The brightness of the moon light so quickly faded away as the shadow began to cover it. I thought about God’s light that shines into the life of His children. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world.” Spiritual light is to come from us. I think by the way we speak and act. I think by our attitudes toward life, others, hardship, injustices, and all circumstances in life. I think the light of God is to shine as bright as the moon before any shadow appears to cover its reflection of the sun. If, however, there is a shadow from the darkness of this world in our hearts; can our light shine so bright? Probably no more than the moon could cast light on the earth when the shadow covered it. So, how important is it that we do all we can to do God’s will? Well, if we so busy with the temporal things in life that the spiritual things are covered up; our light will fade as did the moon under the influence of the eclipse.

Let nothing come between you and God’s influence in your life. The world began to darken the moon Wednesday morning long before the shadow completely covered it. Does the world ever darken our light? It doesn’t take much of this world to change the reflection.

Max Pratt is the pastor of 9th Street Church of Christ in Ballinger.