I wish Steve a speedy recovery from the shooting attack. But that said, this quote demonstrates just how out of touch the Majority Whip, and his fellow Beltway Insiders are about reality.

"You have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work in the people's house," the 51-year-old Louisiana Republican said to a chamber packed with lawmakers, including senators who had crossed the Capitol to welcome him back.

Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise

I wish Steve a speedy recovery from the shooting attack. But that said, this quote demonstrates just how out of touch the Majority Whip, and his fellow Beltway Insiders are about reality. Work, what work Steve? Exactly what is it that the Republican Majority in both Houses has accomplished in nine months?

America is 240 years out from its initial creation as an independent country. The Beltway Insiders simply do not realize this is the first re-make in 240 yeas. 1773 saw the creation of the Boston Tea Party. In 2012 its descendant ran unsuccessful Senate candidates. 1775 saw the Nation readying for rebellion and in 1776 it began. 2015 recorded the first successful independent Presidential candidacy launch and in 2016, 240 years after 1776, the rebels installed a new leader. All of this is happening due to a national shift in mood, and in both parties. Let’s take a look.

The Constitution makes no mention of political parties. Indeed, George Washington warned against them. But Thomas Jefferson and James Madison began what became the official Democrat party in 1828, making it the world’s oldest political party.

The Democrat party has steadily narrowed its base after losing with Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry, and now Hillary. During the Obama Presidency a massive 900+ seats were lost. Democrats occupy the fewest governor offices since the 1920s. Party strength is now bi-coastal located in few states concentrated in a few large cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Boston. Yes Hillary won the popular vote but really she would be President of California, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts

And, not only did we have the first ever Independent Candidate (Trump) win the Presidency, we nearly had two Independents nominated. If it were not for Hillary’s super delegates and back-room manipulation via Wasserman Schultz, Bernie Sanders, a declared Independent, would have been the nominee.

Meanwhile the sanctimony of East West Coast Elites is melting by the hour. Harvey Weinstein has been fired and now Amazon suspends Entertainment Chief Roy Price, both over sexual harassment charges. Women are taking center stage.

On the Republican side, Indignation has displaced Accomplishment in the Senate. Three Republican Senators blocked the six-year promise of repeal and replace the ACA. Trump accomplished what McCain could not in 2008 which is why McCain won’t vote for anything Trumpian. The Democrat Russian collusion in the election argument lost credibility. Senator Corker and even Peggy Noonan, former Reagan speechwriter, are asking if Trump can be contained (Corker) or even if he is sane (Noonan).

Meanwhile Trump is re-making the Federal Judiciary. And yesterday he signed an Executive Order, crafted by Rand Paul no less, to unravel the ACA administratively. In his spare time, Trump remakes the NFL.

So where is this going? That is hard to say. I suspect, like the 1775 Revolution, which took until 1783, this may take until 2023, which would be the mid-term elections after the next Presidential race. It may be that the Republican Party splits, the Corker McCain faction hanging on while the Trumpians form a new third party. That would put the US on the road to becoming Italy or France, where no party ever holds a majority for long.

As George Carlin noted, Planet Earth is a bit fed up as well. We have multiple hurricanes, an earthquake in Mexico City, and wildfires in California. Planet Earth lets it be known that too many people are living where they should not be, along the no way to drain the Gulf Coast or Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico managed to combine a hurricane alley location with a Greek Political system, with predictable bankrupt results. The message for Mexico City is that if one builds on an earthquake prone lakebed, adopt an earthquake proof building code.

Negative mood is on the move from political parties to Hollywood. And even the Planet seems to have fallen under the spell of striking back. As Jerry Lee Lewis would say, there’s a shole lotta shakin’ goingon.

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