As some of you have noticed, we have started a new Facebook page for the Runnels County Register. And many are probably asking the question “what took you so long?” Well, I'm here to tell the tale that it isn't easy working with Facebook.

As some of you have noticed, we have started a new Facebook page for the Runnels County Register. And many are probably asking the question “what took you so long?” Well, I’m here to tell the tale that it isn’t easy working with Facebook.

When I started the Ballinger Ledger and Winters Enterprise Facebook pages lo these two years ago, I was amazed at the response we got from the community. Both sites have been places where we posted the good works and accomplishments of those in the community whether they were kiddos in band and sports, volunteers helping throughout the community or beyond or not so happy posts, where our readers could post their thoughts and feelings. And I must say, coming from larger newspapers where the local posters could get rather “rowdy” under the veil of some anonymity, that, for the most part has not happened here. And I thank everyone for that.

But as you know, in January, we consolidated the Ballinger Ledger and the Winters Enterprise into the Runnels County Register. When that occurred, I simply thought that the proper procedure was to go change the name on Facebook and we would be done. I did not want to lose the history of the page, nor all of our followers. Not so easy as it turned out.

I have gone on Facebook, once or twice a month since that time, attempting to change the name. Each time I have attempted, it tells me that that the “Facebook team” will be considering my request and they will get back to me in three business days.

When I never heard from the “Facebook team” which I now consider to be some guy with a white beard behind a green curtain in the Land of Oz or a machine, or I dare say a computer, with artificial intelligence in a freezing cold room somewhere in Who Knows Where, USA...who spits out these responses and gives us hope that we can save our page, I started getting worried.

I contacted our IT department in New York and they actually had a “GateHouse team” working on it. Remember, this is a corporation with more than 300 newspapers across the country and they were stumped. I called the kind person there and asked if they had a secret number to Facebook, and on the other end of the phone I heard an amusing laugh and the answer “if you ever find that out, let me know!”

So after numerous IT requests to corporate and their hard work and my relentless and futile attempts to change the page - we had to start a new page. We chose to change the Ballinger Ledger page because we had so many more followers. When I post there, folks react almost immediately and I have always appreciated that.

The Runnels County Register Facebook page went live on Thursday of last week and the response has been phenomenal. I have invited all of our friends to join and most have, so thank you.

For now, I will be sharing posts to the Ballinger Ledger page as well. But I want everyone to log on and like the Runnels County Register page on Facebook.

And by the way, if anyone knows the phone number or email to this illusive “Facebook team” let me know - i’d still love to talk to them!

As you know, if you have any news, an event, story idea or just want to shoot the breeze, you can find me, just around the corner.

Celinda Hawkins is the managing editor of the Runnels County Register located at 709 Hutchins Ave. She can be reached by calling 432-349-2736.