Dear Editor,

Having lived in Ballinger since March, 2017, I know this town is full of caring, loving, generous people. I adore Ballinger.

However, there is an issued that really bothers me. My little retirement home has chainlink fence which means I can see through it all the way to the dumpster at the back of my lot. My quiet, helpful neighbors don't shut the lids on the dumpsters. This causes many flies and allows citizens to raid the trash spreading it over the alley area. I have the delightful privilege to pick this mess up.

Another garbage issue is that some neighbors who are remodeling leave things in my deadwood pile. I can't get the wood removed with a used toilet sitting politely in it. So I must find in my small retirement budget funds to pay someone else to remove it.

What happen to the phrase "Don't mess with Texas" or "Don't mess with Ballinger"? Help citizens of our county. Please take a minute to pick up around your dumpster and be responsible to remove your own garbage, toilets included. Keep your part of our alleys clean and neat.

Thank you for hearing (reading) my complaint.

R.L. Baze

Ballinger, Texas