Each year, before we embark on the New Year's Eve debauchery, most of us at least “think” about the resolution (s) that we will promise to begin the next day as the New Year dawns.

Each year, before we embark on the New Year’s Eve debauchery, most of us at least “think” about the resolution (s) that we will promise to begin the next day as the New Year dawns.

So now we are almost a month in and the question is “how you doing with that?”

Of course, usual resolutions were probably on your list – to lose weight, quit smoking, get healthy, exercise, be nicer to our fellow humans or find a better job.

And, by now, most of us have, fallen off the wagon and smoked, had that piece of cake, gorged on some greasy fries, had some road rage or decided that their job is a pretty good one to have.

According to www.staticbrain.com, about 41 percent of us make resolutions every year. However, 42 percent of us NEVER make resolutions. Of the 41 percent who actually make resolutions,  only 9 percent of those folks are actually successful. A whopping 42 percent of us fail at the resolution thing.

Well I can be honest, and tell the world that I fit squarely “or roundly” in that 42 percent failure category.

On the success side, it appears that the young ‘uns actually do a little better than the older folks, with almost 40 percent of 20 somethings, achieving their resolution each year, versus the lame 16 percent of folks over 50 who are successful.

There are some who believe that the whole idea of a resolution is to tell everyone, “shout it to the world,”  Tweet it,  own it and then all of your friends and family can hold you accountable. But you know what – they really don’t care, because most of them are busy not following through with their resolutions.

I say, make all the resolutions you want, just keep them to yourself, then when you inevitably fail, no one will be the wiser, but you, of course.

Some folks got pretty creative with their resolutions this year and made a point to Tweet their self promises to the world.

“My new years resolution was to start smoking. One day in and I already stopped.”

David Spade.

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend less time interacting with people and more time with my phone. Doing pretty well so far…Rainn Wilson.

“My New Year’s resolution is to be less prefect…Jim Gaffgan.

“My New Year’s resolution is to stop hanging out with people who ask me about my New year’s resolution…Anonymous.

“Now there are more overweight people in America than average weight people. So overweight people are now average. Which means you’ve met your New Year’s resolution.” Jay Leno.

If you are feeling bad because you’ve given up, not to worry.  Here are a few resolutions that are a little more doable perhaps.

Like, vow to play more video games, they are good for you and will improve your visual skills.

How about eating more good food like candy, burgers, fries and ice cream and eat less veggies and nuts.

Perhaps you can vow to watch more television – just make sure it’s educational like cartoons, news, sports or reality television.

Now, feel better?

Good luck.

And as always if you have a story to tell, an event to share or to just visit, you can find me just around the corner.

Celinda Hawkins is the managing editor of the Runnels County Register, the merger of the Ballinger Ledger and the Winters enterprise. She can be reached at 325-365-3501 or via email at chawkins@ballingerledger.com.