It's not too often that you bump in to a Grammy award winning musician in little Ole Ballinger, but last week, that's just what I did.

It’s not too often that you bump in to a Grammy award winning musician in little Ole Ballinger, but last week, that’s just what I did.

Actually, Judge Barry Hilliard made the entrée, after he found out that a fellow who had been accompanying Tom Glosup, who has been addressing and assessing repairs to county buildings, was in fact a musician by trade, and an engineer by avocation.

Hilliard told me that Glosup brought Brad Davis with him to Ballinger on several trips, and Glosup, also a musician, indicated that “they play a little.”

So Hiliard “Googled” Davis and low and behold, the fact that he “plays a little” is a bit of an understatement.

He’s played with a who’s who of musical royalty, in the country, bluegrass and rock genres, starting off with Marty Stuart’s band and playing with legends like Earl Scruggs, Tim McGraw and has been in a band with Billy Bob Thornton, yes the actor, since 2002. The two have not only toured together, but he has scored two of Thornton’s movies.

But that’s only scratching the surface. Davis is also very well known for his guitar picking skills, and when he’s not writing, recording, producing or performing, he’s teaching his distinct “double-down up flatpicking guitar style” to other guitar players. He’s recorded instructional videos and books too.

Getting back to who he’s played with, well, folks like Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Pam Tillis, Sheryl Crow, Tommy Shaw of Styx, David Lee Roth and Sweethearts of the Rodeo. Quite a list there. Plus, he’s performed on the Grand Ole Opry.

And, when he’s not touring, teaching or promoting things like guitars or gourmet coffee, he’s hanging out with his running buddy, Glosup, who heads up a band called Crossfire.

After Hilliard found out what the ever-so-humble Davis had done, he was even more stunned when these two guys came up with an idea – to play a benefit event in Runnels County.

“We just wanted to do it,” Glosup told me.

“It’s a great idea and we can auction off some items too,” Davis said.

So, the good judge is taking these guys up on their offer and who wouldn’t?

So now, the event is in the planning stages, and could happen in coming months, provided they find a venue big enough so that lots of folks can come out an enjoy it. The plan is for the event to benefit the senior citizens in the county.

“I think this is just an awesome idea,” Hilliard said.

So last Friday afternoon, as we sat at Alejandra’s after the lunch crowd was gone, Davis gave us a little taste of his musical acumen. And a few folks who were in the place, started tapping their toes too, as Davis picked a couple of tunes.  

That was a great time. And a little bitty fella came up to listen and Brad played to him. He was just mesmerized.

So a chance meeting has turned in to something that could really be a grand event for Runnels County and it’s just because these guys want to give back.

That’s so genuine, and as Hilliard said, meeting these two guys “has been a blessing.”

Stay tuned.

And as always, if you have a story to tell, an event to tell us about or if you just want to visit, you can find me, just around the corner.

Celinda Hawkins is the managing editor of the Ballinger Ledger and the Winters Enterprise. She can be reached at 325-365-3501 or at