Luisa De La Cerda Herrera

Luisa De La Cerda Herrera was born on June 21, 1926 in Ballinger, Texas.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Aurelio Herrera; her parents, Jesus De La Cerda and Eduvijes Hernandez Alfaro; her brothers, George Ornelaz, Jesus De La Cerda, Jr., Eustacio De La Cerda, Tano De La Cerda, Estevan De La Cerda, Juan De La Cerda; her sisters, Maria Ornelaz, Rosita Alfaro, Angelita Jalomo, and Juana Moreno.

Luisa is survived by her brothers, Martin (Eva) Gomez, David Alfaro, Frank (Juana) Alfaro, Jose De La Cerda, Richard (Sarah) Alfaro; her sisters, Yolanda (Rumaldo) Jalomo, Olivia Villapando, Teresa Mendoza, Henrietta Escobar, Martha (Jose) Madrigal; her children, Lupe (Johnny) Rodriquez, Victoria (Naun) Acevedo, Lucio D Florez, Rose Lee, Rebecca (Eddie) Cavazos; nineteen grand-children, thirty-one great-grand-children, thirty-eight great-great-grand-children.

Luisa worked at St. Mary’s hospital in Lubbock, Texas for over 20 years. She was a member of the Guadalupe Catholic Church in Lubbock, Texas for many years. She loved her big family and enjoyed the laughter of all of her grandchildren. She will be missed by her loving family and will be welcomed with open arms by those who passed before her.

Posted online on December 07, 2020