Ronnie Bradshaw

Can you have too much pride for your home town? If you can, Ronnie

Bradshaw did. No matter what city Ronnie lived in throughout his entire life, if

you asked him where he was from, he immediately answered “Ballinger TX”. It

was never a secret that the folks in Ballinger and San Angelo hold a special

place near and dear to Ronnie’s heart. From extended family to friends, if you

claim West Texas as home, you are alright in Ronnie’s book.

Survived by his wife Vicki; 4 children; Johnny and Jimmy Bradshaw,

Bami Wood, Beau McDougal; 9 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren and

counting. Although we may never know just how wide and deep Ronnie’s love

for us goes until the day we meet again, I will say, if Ronnie knew you, he

probably loved you. If you are a person of your word, he respected you. If you

work hard, he was proud of you. And if you carved out time to visit with him,

he appreciated you.

The family will hold a graveside service Monday November 9, 2020, at 1

pm, in the Evergreen Cemetery in Ballinger, Texas.  Sevices are provided by

Lange Funeral Home.

If you know Ronnie and Vicki you know their astounding love of dogs. In

lieu of flowers, the family would greatly appreciate a Give in Tribute donation

for Ronnie to

Ronnie was diagnosed with ALS in September and the disease took his

mobility at an extremely rapid pace. As such, Vicki would like to recognize

Jimmy Bradshaw. The decision to move in and help take care of his dad

meant everything to her.

Ronnie reminds all of us that this life is short. It’s up to us to determine

how to leave our mark. Ronnie repeatedly said “I just want to be a good

person.” I think we can all agree that Ronnie, You were so much more.

Posted online on November 09, 2020