During the past Memorial Day I watched several films dedicated to those military personnel who gave their all for their nation. Some films are more accurate than others. I attribute that to the technical support offered by the military official hired to tell the non-military folks how to produce a military film. Some of the veterans reading this will see my points here. These movie producers do not make their actors take their hats off when they enter a building. Real military folks know the chewing out they would receive if they did that at a base or post. Not a good thing. Actors never seem to offer the proper military respect to their superiors. One point I will always try to notice is if the duffle bags are actually real or a Hollywood prop. Veterans, were your duffle bags light enough that you could lift it with one hand and put in back of a truck or 2.5? I don't think so. Same thing with a ladies suitcase in movies. There has to be some heft to it. One cannot just lift and toss a suitcase into the backseat of a convertible. Guys have you ever picked up your lady’s luggage only to throw your back out? Reality plays a big part in selling a film. Some things just need to be real.

When you go to a military cemetery those headstones are real. The lives represented by each name were real people. Their families are still very real. Thank you for your service.

Channel Change.

The Miles High School grads will be recognized Thursday evening in a parade. Let's go out and make them feel special. These grads feel like a portion of their senior year has been stripped from them. Maybe these seniors will be the first class to create new traditions. Someone has to do it once before it can be done again. Be like a turtle and stick your neck out, if you don't you will never get anywhere. Friday night, as you receive your diplomas, know that it will be the beginning of the rest of your lives. Be proud of your accomplishments, and be blessed in all that you do. We’ll ask that Thursday and Friday be clear, sunny days. Be Well, Gary K

Gary Karschner is the pastor at the Miles United Methodist Church and a frequent contributor to the Runnels County Register.