How are you handling the pandemic? I have heard of people getting into fights because some of their peers were layed off and others were not. I have heard of people contaminating the car door handles of their working peers with spittle. I saw where one man was shot because he asked a shopper to put on a face mask. Come on, man. What is wrong with this world of ours? RELAX and let common sense guide your actions. WE are all hurting. WE don't need anymore drama than the world is currently giving us. I offer this.....I fear it will get worse before it gets better. When contaminated people get together thinking they are healthy, and they are not, it will only increase the number of infected people in the world. If you feel sick then get tested, and most of all don't go out in public until you get your tests back.

During these upcoming graduation ceremonies please adhere to the social distancing and clean hands guidelines the school professionals are giving you. This is not the time to buck the system. Please do what you are told. The next person to get diagnosed with the virus could be you or a loved one. I offer my congratulations to all the graduates. Now go and make your mark on the world.

Memorial day is next Monday and I wanted to recognize those individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country. I offer my respect and thanks to the families and loved ones of those valiant members of the military who gave the most they could give for their nation. Bless you all. Thanks to all the military veterans and active personnel for your service.

Lately I have been eating more than a small steer and watching too much television. I noticed two of my favorite character actors were no longer being shown in their commercials. Thomas James Jagdowski and Peter Groz, for eight years, were on the air representing a well known fast food drive in restaurant. T.J. and Pete were regulars as the bumbling guys sitting in their car consuming copious amounts of Sonic products. Sonic executives decided they were going in a different marketing direction than these two men offered, and T.J. and Pete were given their termination notices. This is why we are seeing new folks on the tube promoting Sonic and their products. Isn't it funny how we connect with the characters we are exposed to on the commercials. (Madge, Mr. Whipple, Flo and Mikey) I guess we will get used to these new folks also.

How 'bout all this rain? I hope it has been a good thing and not a hindrance to getting things done. I know the farmers always say we will take all we can get, but I'm thinking in reality they would want more or less at such and such a time.