Washington, D.C. — Congressman Mike Conaway (TX-11) released the following statement after voting no on H.R. 6800, Speaker Pelosi’s $3 trillion partisan wish list, "The Democrats’ 1,800-page leftist wish-list has no chance of becoming law. It is a time-wasting messaging tactic written to pander to as many of their supporters as possible. Our citizens are suffering, and instead of proposing realistic, bipartisan legislation, Democrats have used this crisis as an opportunity to impose their radical liberal agenda on the American people.

"This bill incentivizes illegal immigration by providing stimulus checks to illegal aliens and preventing the deportation of illegal immigrants. Democrats also threw in provisions to forgive student loans, release criminals out of prison and onto the streets, and waste tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on organizations wholly unrelated to the COVID-19 crisis, like $10 million to the National Endowment of the Arts, $10 million to the National Endowment of the Humanities, and $50 million to the EPA for ‘environmental justice’ grants. This bill is full of extreme moral hazards that threaten to prolong an economic recession and permanently harm our free society.

"Speaker Pelosi knows this legislation is dead upon arrival in the Senate and will never become law. Our friends and neighbors are enduring the most dramatic societal upheaval since World War II, and her refusal to work with Republicans to craft realistic legislation and get our economy back on its feet is just the latest example of her extreme partisan games."