This article is provided by Miles’ United Methodist Church pastor Gary Karschner.

Last week I told you I had lost not only my sermon, but I had lost my entire service from “welcome” to “thank you for coming.” Did I mention I lost it twice? Bummer again. This week I have my KCSA radio morning service already done. It just needs a few tweeks, and hopefully I won't lose this one. Last Sunday we had a great, (OK...maybe I am biased), parking lot service at the Methodist Church. Until we get the complete okie dokie from the Methodist highest power, we won't be having inside services. It is just too risky to play with lives. We can and will wait to open. These radio services are turning out to be a blessing to our church. In darkness we find light.

I saw that the MHS class of 2020 will be having a live commencement service. The experience of celebrating your accomplishment of graduating will be realized. Well done. Administrators, kudos to you folks also for making it happen. Because we have been “cornteened” so much I have been watching more television than ever. I am hypercritical of some of the commercials they are showing these days. For example, they show a server at a Mexican food restaurant serving a Mexican dinner without using a pot holder or cup towel. If you have ever been a server at a Mexican food restaurant, you know that is not gonna happen. I saw a guy buy a hot apple pie at McDonald’s and he immediately ate it and did not spit it out for being too hot. Know what I mean? Those blisters on the tongue hurt and last forever. As a person who once earned his living by washing and waxing cars it pains me to watch folks start rinsing a soapy car at the bottom and work their way up to the roof. To watch a person apply car wax in any manner other than in a circular motion kills me. I guess my writing must hurt English teachers in that same way. Last Sunday, very early in the morning, our frig/freezer decided it wanted to die, and so it did. After church, Red and I filled the cooler with ice and started chuckin' stuff in to it, and off to Lowe’s to get a new one we went. No scratch and dents available. We found some old stock on a deep sale. I'm sure we will get used to the avocado green paisley pattern eventually. I would rather lose a sermon than lose a frig any day. Much less work and a lot less expensive. Please continue to pray for rain.