Ballinger Memorial Hospital District (‘BMHD’) provides the following updated information for its patients and their caregivers/family members, as well as the general public, regarding healthcare services during COVID-19 as well as other healthcare news. All entities of BMHD including Ballinger Memorial Hospital, Ballinger EMS, Ballinger Hospital Clinic, and Keel Drug Store continue to operate fully with modifications in place to protect patients, visitors, staff, and the general public.

Difficult times often birth innovation and this is the case for Telehealth Services in Runnels County! Realizing that many patients needing Clinic visits for routine care, sudden illness, or follow up visits with their providers were unable or reluctant to visit the Clinic during the ongoing Coronavirus situation, BMHD was very relieved when a National Executive Order was issued allowing patients to be seen by providers utilizing Telehealth Services. Telehealth Services are now available at Ballinger Hospital Clinic and are as "Simple as a Click."

Telehealth Services can be utilized by patients of all ages who would like to be seen by a provider without leaving their home, office, car, or other location. With Coronavirus concerns still strong, we encourage those needing Clinic medical care to contact Ballinger Hospital Clinic and ask for a Clinic appointment utilizing Telehealth Services. Instructions regarding Telehealth Services are provided below under "Alternative Visit Option" and are also available at:

Ballinger Hospital Clinic providers are pleased to provide this healthcare option to you and will gladly help you through any questions you might have regarding Telehealth Services.

For patients who need to be seen by an in-person visit to Ballinger Hospital Clinic, please use this link and follow the Clinic visit instructions:

Alternative Visit Option: Under a recent National Executive Order regarding TeleHealth services, patients no longer need to delay care or reschedule a visit to Ballinger Hospital Clinic. BHC is now providing TeleHealth services which allows patients to receive medical consultation and care via cell phone and interactive video with their medical provider while avoiding unnecessary exposure to themselves and others due to illnesses. The patient will need a Smartphone and the ability to receive text messages. No downloads or confusing setup is required. To schedule an appointment and receive care by TeleHealth services, please follow these steps:

• Call Ballinger Hospital Clinic (325-365-2531) to schedule a TeleHealth visit.

• At the time of your appointment, a BHC representative will call the cell phone number you provide to begin your visit. Consent and payment will be handled prior to speaking with your nurse.

• Once connected with your nurse, she will ask about your medical need for a Telehealth visit. Your nurse will then end the phone call and notify your Medical Provider that you are ready for your interactive video visit.

• Your Medical Provider will then send you a text message to the same cell phone number. The text message will include a link to click and begin your visit. You will be prompted to agree to JOIN the visit by clicking the GREEN button on your cell phone screen. (Your phone may ask if your microphone and/or video can be utilized. Click ALLOW). After you click the GREEN button to join, your Medical Provider will appear on your cell phone screen and you and the provider will be able to see each other. The visit will take place just as if you were in the same room as your Medical Provider.

Ballinger Memorial Hospital (BMH), 325-365-2531

PATIENTS WITH LIFE-THREATENING/EMERGENT NEEDS should call 911 for assistance as normal. For additional information about receiving services at Ballinger Memorial Hospital, please use this link:

Keel Drug, 325-365-3505

For the time being, the Keel Drug lobby doors will remain closed. Keel Drug will continue to remain open in full operation and follow normal hours of business • Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. Prescriptions may be dropped off and picked up, as well as over the counter items purchased, via the drive-thru window.

• For new prescriptions or refill approvals, ask your provider to use E-Prescribe or call Keel Drug.

We hope that the people of Runnels County are as excited as we are about the availability of Telehealth Services, especially during this time of limited personal contact! We are very thankful to have this option for providing healthcare to our county and region. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation of the limitations and requirements still in place due to Coronavirus. Please know our top priorities during this time are the health and well-being of our patients and staff as well as the public.