One of things that I am extremely impressed about is our teachers and how they essentially did a "180" on their delivery of instruction to our students. Our district administrators and technology committee have been meeting throughout this school year to come up with a strategic plan to implement new and more technology in our day to day classroom routines. In our minds to fully implement these things would take time – as in a full summer of training and professional development with routine training and PD throughout the school year as well…if not longer!

When all of this came about we essentially dropped the news on our teachers that we shifting to "Home Based Learning" for an indefinite time, we need to provide our students the best possible instruction, and we will be delivering it through the Microsoft TEAMS platform. My teachers took this in stride and within 3 days they were ready to roll out their online classrooms.

Now we have encountered bumps in the road as you do with the use of any technology, learning curves for teachers, and working through new issues that arise with the given circumstances. Despite all of this our teachers have shown resiliency, willingness to try new things, and a positive attitude throughout all of these trying circumstances. They are the true definition of lifelong learners and I could not be more proud to be their principal work with them each day!

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