It’s easy to see the negativity surrounding everything in our current world of "together, apart," quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe. You go to the store and see customers and employees wearing masks; You listen to the stories and see the numbers of those infected with COVID-19; A myriad of stories cover the negative economic impact the virus is having on every business, large and small; layoffs top the headlines. It goes on and on.

But, there are those who inspire and bring out the good in their schools and community.

We reached out to the educators in Runnels County and asked them to share their positive stories with us, and their respective communities. People find ways to overcome and adapt, and that has been most apparent in the educators and students, who have met the challenge of finding innovative ways to teach and to learn. It’s an ever-evolving process, but the resolve and ingenuity of the educators and staff light the way as they to continue to serve their students and communities in Runnels County.

Kari Calcote, Curriculum Director in Winters ISD offered the following:

"Our food service department and transportation department are doing an AMAZING job providing meals to the youth of our community! We are delivering over 430 meals, breakfast and lunch, to any child age 1-18 whether they are a WISD student or not. WISD was one of the first districts in the state to have the food program up and running.

We also have a new superintendent that started last week. His name is Sean Leamon and he comes from Sonora. It would be great to introduce him to the community via the paper.

We are also looking to run an expanded summer program for our students that will be great for them and parents. We are using our 12st Century grant to fund this. We are hoping parents are able to go back to work and we will help support them by have full day childcare/learning programs through the summer. I don’t have all the details yet, but will by the end of next week.

If you wanted to do a view of the county districts you could look at how ALL the schools in our area are providing services. All of our districts are doing an amazing job and it would be great to give them some recognition for moving online so quickly and continuing to provide academic instruction to our students during this crisis."

Rhonda Neal, the Business Manager for Winters ISD said that the school delivered 4,228 meals last week.

Karyn Brown, the Secondary Counselor at Miles ISD shared the following photos with us.:

Here is a photo of our Spanish teacher, Jesse Rodriguez, helping a student. Miles teachers will teach anywhere.

The second picture is of our high school teachers passing out packets. We welcomed all our students to our "circus."

We are always accepting positive stories from within the community and from our schools. If you have a submission, you can email it and any accompanying photos to