The Teacher Retirement System of Texas will webcast their April 17th board meeting live. Below is the agenda for the board meeting:

1. 1.Provide an opportunity for public comment – Jarvis V. Hollingsworth

2. Consider the following administrative matters: – Jarvis V. HollingsworthA.

A. Approval of the February 2020 proposed meeting minutes;

B.Excusing Board member absences from the February 2020 Board meeting;

C.Setting, rescheduling, or canceling future Board meetings.

3. Receive an update from the Executive Director including updates regarding COVID-19, TRS Operations, Sunset Report and review upcoming meetings – Brian Guthrie.

4. Receive a report from the COAO including an update on TEAM – Andrew Roth.

5. Receive a report from the Chief Audit Executive – Amanda Jenami.

6. Receive a market update from the Chief Investment Officer – Jase Auby.

7. Consider extension of the State Street Custody Agreement and Securities Lending Authorization Agreement - Sylvia Bell.

8. Receive report on investment practices and performance evaluation and consider resolution directing submission of the report to the Pension Review Board as required by Texas Gov’t Code 802.109 – Mike McCormick and Julie Becker, Aon Hewitt.

9. Discuss and consider selecting health maintenance organization (HMOs) to be associated with TRSActiveCare, including considering a finding that deliberating or conferring on the selection of the HMO(s) in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the retirement system in negotiations with a third person – Katrina Daniel.

10. Discuss and consider PPO plan benefits and rates to be offered under TRS-ActiveCare during FY2020 and consider HMO plan benefits and rates to be offered in association with TRS-ActiveCare during FY2020 - Katrina Daniel.

11. Consider approval of Benefit Payments for December 1, 2019 – February 29, 2020 – Barbie Pearson.

12. Consider the appointment of Dr. David Rothschild as a member and Chair of the TRS Medical Board and engagement as a provider of Medical Board Services – Barbie Pearson.

13. Consider adoption of the proposed 2021-25 Strategic Plan Goals, Objectives and Strategies – Rebecca Merrill.

14. Consider adoption of the proposed amendments to TRS rule in Chapter 23 of Title 34, Part 3 of the Texas Administrative Code; §23.5 Nominations for Appointment to the Board of Trustees – Katherine Farrell.

15. Receive an update on FY 2020 mid-year budget and FTE report and Legislative Appropriations Request for Fiscal Years 2022-23 – Brian Guthrie, Andrew Roth and Don Green.

16. Consider long term facilities planning, including 816 Congress lease, Indeed sublease and due diligence expenses associated with the potential new building and the potential renovations or sale of the Red River campus, legal, consulting, architectural, and other expenses – Brian Guthrie, Andrew Roth, and Eric Lang.

17. Review the report of the General Counsel on pending and contemplated litigation, including updates on litigation involving benefit-program contributions, investment matters, retirement benefits, health benefit programs, open records, and on a request for an Attorney General Opinion, RQ-0334-KP, and request for an audit from the State Auditor’s Office, filed February 27, 2020 – Carolina de Onis.

You can find out additional information on the TRS website at: