Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas and the Prosper Chamber of Commerce are collaborating to deliver increased awareness about how businesses can keep pace with employee-hiring demands for a growing area.

The state Workforce Solutions office is focusing on closing the gap between employers and potential employees, said David Setzer, executive director of Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas, in a recent interview.

“We want to keep our business community strong,” he said. “We are primarily focused on businesses and supplying our businesses with what they need, we have to work with career seekers.”

Matching skills with employers, providing grants and even childcare coverage are all things the organization aims to focus on, Setzer said.

Workforce Business Development Liaison Eric Shanks noted that childcare coverage for employees who meet a certain income threshold could act as a raise that doesn’t have to fall on employers.

“You can actually give them a raise in a sense, by referring them to us. We can pay for the childcare coverage. So they themselves didn’t get a dollar raise per hour, but their net check at the end of the day and month is raised because they’re not having to pay a childcare bill,” he said.

Chamber of Commerce member Sonny Moyers, who works for Ebby Halliday Realtors, finds the collaboration with state entities useful.

“The big thing is, how little I knew about what they do and how much it could help people that I know who own businesses,” he said.

Making commercial clients aware of increased business services helps him as a Realtor, Moyers said.

“If I can, while I’m talking to people, also make them aware of this, then I bring an added value to having me be their broker that they wouldn’t have otherwise,” he said.

Businesses in the community need help growing in a sustainable way, said Prosper Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Steve Grzywacz.

“It gives businesses here in Prosper an opportunity to grow their businesses and have another resource they may not have been aware of,” he said. “They pay for it with their taxes, so they might as well take advantage of it.”

The opportunity to grow must be given to both big and small businesses in a positive manner, Grzywacz said.

“This gives them the opportunity to grow that way. It’s just another tool they have, another arrow in their quiver so to speak, for growing their businesses,” he said.

As Prosper expands, so does the demands on businesses, Grzywacz said.

“As we expand more rooftops here in the community, then the businesses have to grow to handle all of that traffic,” he said.

Making sure businesses have enough qualified employees will be an evolving challenge, Grzywacz said.

“There are businesses that are associated with our chamber (that have) been trying to hire plumbers and electricians for two years,” he said. “They have the trucks, they don’t have the people to be in them. They have the businesses, they would love to get more trucks, but they can’t even have staff for the ones they have, because it is growing so fast.”