Monday night I had the privilege of watching the production the students are entering in the one-act-play competition. "It Is Well With My Soul" is a winner. (Yeah, I know)

The talent the young thespians showed on stage was heartfelt and polished. The subject matter of the play is intense, but the actors and actresses did a great job of handling the material. At the end of the play the audience was invited to meet the performers. The most firm handshake I received was from a young lady.

Good luck as you all progress through the competition.

The other day I was listening to some oldies on the radio and had a flash back to one of my junior high years. I remembered when the song came out and where I was when I heard it. Has that ever happened to you? Music brings back memories of who you were dating, what car you were driving, and where you were working. Music also reminds you of relationships. Do you ever get melancholy when you hear a song that was "your song" from another life? Yeah, those songs still have a place in our hearts. Does a special song bring back heartthrobs of a summer romance? What was your class song your senior year? Does it stir your memory bank? Some folks didn't know what their class song was when they were in high school, so I don't expect them to remember it now. What songs did you play in your eight track or cassette player in your car or truck?

I dare say some songs just need a few notes to be played and you are singing along with the tunes in your car. Did you ever rock the car when everyone in the car belted out the chorus of a classic rock ballad? What about "Sweet Home Alabama,” (Turn It Up)? Some songs just never go out of favor.

As a DJ, the toughest request is from a person asking for some rock and roll. That is a tough order. What do you consider rock and roll music? What is some good classic country music you can dance to? The debate never ends. Have a moment with a friend or three and try to pick the ten best two-steps or waltzes to scoot a boot to. It is not an easy task. Some songs stay in your mind for a long time. "It is Well With My Soul" is in my head right now. Great song and even better story.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Methodist Pancake Supper last week. Good food and better fellowship can't be beat. Thanks for the suggestion to have our stew fest more often.

Be Well, Gary K.