I have some observations about life I would like to share with you. My mind works on a different frequency than most folks, so please don't judge. My therapist says I will outgrow these things. Waiting... Think about this; what makes ketchup fancy? Lace, hats, make-up or what? Have you ever had a ketchup packet explode in your hands? Not too fancy, huh? Why is blue cheese dressing not blue? If there is a color in the name of a product, the product should be that color. Not so good for Dr. Pepper. How does Old Bay seasoning taste? I have been by some old bays and a food flavoring is not what comes to mind. If you own a radio station don't just post your call letters, also post the numbers on the dial where one can find the broadcast. One local radio company lists the call letters but not where those numbers are on the radio dial. Wasted opportunity. If you order a hamburger why does the server ask if you want cheese on that. I ordered a hamburger not a cheeseburger. Why do highway road signs often stop giving directions to where you were going? Why do you pull on a door clearly marked push? Yeah, me too.

We went to the rodeo the other night, and then watched the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo live on television on Friday and Saturday nights. We watched the crowds to see how many folks we might know. Surprisingly we saw several individuals we knew. How cool is that? Great rodeo. Hey ladies what is the style of cowgirl hats you are wearing? Personally I’m not a fan of the hats.

The other night I watched the Miles boys’ basketball team play Forsan at the Miles High School gym. The boys played hard and did very well in two specific areas. They shot well from the charity stripe and their pressworked to perfection. Good job boys. The ladies played in Blackwell and defeated a good Winters team. The tennis teams are also doing very well.

Good things on the horizon for the M.H.S. athletes. I have yet to watch the little dribblers play, but it's on my schedule. Those little ones are the future of the Miles basketball program. Did you play in Little Dribblers years ago?

Are you on any social networks? Check out the “Miles Memories” site Terry Penkert has started. It is a walk through Miles from a long time ago. The site is exploding with new members. Thanks, Terry.

Channel Change.

The other day I was in Sklenarik’s meat market picking up some jerky and Fernandez salsa to take to some friends in Utah. I asked how the salsa sales were going and was told "we sell a case a week". Wow, I was impressed. Jason Fernandez, from the Frenandez Restaurant in San Angelo, has started selling the salsa they serve in the restaurant to local retailers. Glad the locals are supporting this good salsa. Please give it a try. I think you will like it. Red and I can't always agree on what constitutes what is hot and what is not. My taste buds can handle the heat better than hers. What is hot to you? It goes to show while not everyone agrees with the other, we can all agree to put fancy blue cheese on our cheeseburgers.

Seriously, step outside of your comfort box and try something different for a change.

Thanks for the rains.

Be Well, Gary K.

Gary Karschner is the pastor of Miles' First United Methodist Church and a frequent contributor to the Runnels County Register.