Navy Week program sets course for Abilene!

The Navy the nation needs is coming to Abilene, Texas, for Navy Week during the week of May 4-10, to show the Navy to the community.

Navy Weeks are the service’s signature outreach program and allow the Navy to build and strengthen ties to the community. Abilene Navy Week is scheduled to feature:

· Senior Navy leadership – Vice Adm. Luke McCollum, Commander, Navy Reserve Force

· Navy Band Southwest

· Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group One

· Navy History and Heritage

· USS Constitution

· U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard

In addition to events throughout Abilene, Navy units plan to participate in the Dyess Big Country Air and Space Expo, which will feature the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, Blue Angels and serves as the anchor event for the week. Navy units will also participate in the Western Heritage Classic at the end of the week.

Since 2005, the Navy Week program has served as the Navy’s primary outreach effort into areas of the country that do not have a significant Navy presence, with about 240 Navy Weeks held in more than 80 different U.S. markets.

“Navy Weeks are designed to help Americans understand why having a strong Navy is critical to the American way of life,” said Cmdr. Krin Burzynski, director of the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO), which plans and executes the Navy Week program. “Because the Navy is concentrated primarily in select locations on both coasts, we’re challenged to communicate our mission away from fleet concentration areas. That’s where the Navy Week program comes in.”

Navy Weeks focus a variety of outreach assets, equipment and personnel on a single city for a weeklong series of engagements with key influencers and organizations representing all sectors of the market.

“During a Navy Week, we’ll hold 75 to 100 outreach events with corporate, civic, government, education, veterans, community service, diversity organizations and media in the area,” said Lt. Cmdr. Ben Anderson, NAVCO Navy Week program manager. “This year is very exciting for us, as we’ll not only be returning to sites such as Salt Lake City, but will also be engaging new markets like Abilene.”

Unlike Fleet Weeks, where several ships and thousands of Sailors converge on a coastal market such as New York or Los Angeles, Navy Weeks are far smaller in scope, employing approximately 70 Sailors from about 10 units to focus on landlocked areas of the U.S. with little to no Navy presence.

For more information on Navy Weeks and the 2020 schedule, visit

For more information on Abilene Navy Week, contact Ian Lundy at (901) 874-5803.

Thank you for supporting the men and women who serve in the Navy our nation needs.

The Dyess AirFest on May 9th and 10th.