Ballinger ISD superintendent Jeff Butts said that work is progressing on the high school baseball field and track, “The track has received its second coat of paint and will be marked in a few days once this wet weather passes. I’m never going to complain about rain but it will have to pass before they can mark the track.” The bleachers and the fencing at the track are also being repaired.

According to Butts, temporary lights have been put up at the baseball field and the temporary fencing is being put up as well. The fencing had a cost of approximately $4,000 and Butts said that the fencing could be used elsewhere as well, “The fencing at the baseball field can also be used at the football field.” Butts said that Ballinger is looking to play all of their district games on the field and that some of the home games prior to that could be played in San Angelo or Wall.

The biggest aspect of the construction that Butts wanted to make sure to address was to thank Mueller’s Metal Buildings for their support, “I want them to know how much we appreciate what they’ve done. They have really stepped up. They gave us a price break on Davenport Field and have really done a lot for us and we’re very appreciative of that.”

Many people have been concerned with that amount of time the work has been taking. The baseball field was almost completely wiped out by the May tornado that struck Ballinger. The high school baseball field and track were ground zero for the twister and took a direct hit, “There is so much work to do and these things take time. We have to be responsible with the money. When it’s all said and done we’re going to have nice facilities that the community can be proud of.”

The amount of work needed requires, by school legislation, that an architect be involved in it, rather than just an engineer. Various aspects are discussed and voted on by the school board and they have to decide on other issues regarding the construction as well. Additionally, the insurance company had to send out adjusters to survey the damage and that didn’t happen immediately. Once the damage is assessed, the adjuster has to submit it to the company, along with a report, and the insurance then informs the school district of its decision.

The baseball has 3 scrimmages that are away. February 8th was the first scrimmage and it was in Comanche. February 14th is a scrimmage against Bangs and February 22nd is a scrimmage against Hawley. The season will begin on February 27th with a tournament in Early, TX. The Bearcats will play Clyde on March 3rd, in Clyde. March 5th – 7th will be a tournament in Hawley. On March 10th the Bearcats will play in Sonora and from March 12th-14th they’ll play a tournament in Jim Ned. The March 10th game against Sonora will be the opening game of district play.

March 17th is an open day for the Bearcats and then they’ll play Reagan County on March 20th. They will play their first home game on March 24th against the Wall Hawks.

Butts said that the Ballinger High School tennis courts will receive some love as well, “We’re putting up new windscreens and resurfacing the tennis courts.”