This records package is presented as a public service by area law enforcement and the Runnels County Register. A person who is arrested or accused of a crime, present at a crime scene, or identified as a suspect in any printed report is not necessarily guilty of a criminal offense. Guilt or innocence must be determined in a court of law. The Register pushes all information provided by participating law enforcement agencies.

Runnels County Jail records reflect that 13 individuals were arrested between 01/27/20 and 02/02/20 by area law enforcement agencies.

• John I. Billington, 23, RCSO, warrant: possession controlled substance; bon $15,000.

• Jacinto E. Landeros, 37, WPD, warrant: failure to appear, warrant: theft, failure to use hand signals, possession drug paraphernalia; bond $2,500.

• Vic E. Ponce, 46, Concho, sentenced nine years TDCJ; no bond.

• Sebastian P. Luna, 18, RCSO, capias pro fine, possession marijuana, possession drug paraphernalia; bond $1,738.

• Logan J. McClellan, 26, Concho SO, assault bodily injury, family violence two times; bond $2,500.

• Victor J. Hirsch, 43, Coke SO, DWI; bond $2,000.

• Eric I. Dunn, 44, Concho, DWLI w/previous conviction; bond $1,000.

• Isaac Rodriguez, 29, Concho SO, warrant: failure to appear criminal mischief, warrant: failure to appear possession controlled substance; warrant: failure to appear possession controlled substance; no bond.

• Edward J. Odom, 51, RCSO, manufacture delivery controlled substance, dangerous drug, possession drug paraphernalia, possession marijuana; bond $121,500.

• Logan J. McClellan, 26, assault bodily injury, family violence; bond $2,500.

• Maria L. Pospichal, 45, RCSO, failure to appear theft by check, MTR theft property, warrant search transport; bond $17,000.

• Kristi S. Egan, 47, RCSO, DWI; bond $2,000.

• Corrie M. Halfman, 36, BPD, possession marijuana, possession dangerous drug, manufacture deliver controlled substance; possession drug paraphernalia; bond $56,500.