The Miles Methodist Church Super Bowl Stew Fest is Sunday, February 2nd at Weatherby Hall. The event will start at 11:00 A.M. and end at 1:30 P.M. There will be unlimited homemade stew and cornbread, homemade desserts, and iced tea for everyone to enjoy. There will be a drive through for take out orders. The cost is $8.00 per person. Please come and enjoy a good meal and have a long visit with your friends. Looking forward to seeing you there. Bring along your ideas for "Stuff" articles. I always enjoy visiting with the guests and friends about ideas for stories.

One more personal note. Thank you to the members of the Miles Lions Club for voting me the "Lion of the Year". I am honored and humbled by this gesture from my fellow Lions. I will proudly continue "to serve" the club and our community.

This past weekend was the Wedding Showcase at the convention center in San Angelo. I was privileged to be asked to emcee the event and also have a booth representing Eclipse Emcee and DJ Service. There were many young girls preparing for their Quinceaneras, and brides of all ages looking for assistance for their weddings. Among the many booths showcasing their services was a “spigot on wheels” that drives kegs and wine directly to your event. It is a drive up bar. Who knew such things were available? There was a businesses offering portable toilets for rent and one was there offering on the spot Botox treatments. Who knew a wedding and reception needed so many things? I was amazed at how many young ladies it takes to help an attendee make a decision on things such as bars, toilets and caterers. I felt sorry for the grooms-to-be and the boyfriends who were dragged along with their ladies and their entourages! One young man told me he negotiated a deal with his girlfriend that if he attended the show with her, she would watch the game later with him. That is a relationship that may just work. It was a hoot to see the attire the attendees wore. Jeans with holes in them must be "dress up" clothes. Folks getting ready to spend literally thousands of dollars on a life changing event maybe should get dressed up just a little bit. Nuff said.

I even learned some new trends in the wedding industry.

Destination weddings are weddings that occur somewhere far away and in romantic settings, (often on foreign soil). The problem with that is that guests are asked to pay their own expenses to get there and bring a gift for the bride and groom. Seems audacious to me, but I am old school about some things.

As a DJ who has done over four hundred weddings I have seen my share of bridezillas explode at weddings. Relax ladies. It is your day, but the revolution of the earth is not going to change because you have chosen to get married on "your day". The universe had that day reserved already. Be nice and ENJOY the day you have chosen to get married. If the candles blow out at your wedding, it is not the end of the world. If a guest coughs during the ceremony, don't turn and glare at them. Life is too short to worry about such things. You and your fiancé/husband are starting a new life together.

Now some professional pastor advice: After the day you have your wedding, you are starting a marriage. That is what matters. Not the expensive flowers and fancy food you had at your wedding. Now is the start of your life together. The marriage is what is, important, and I can tell you it will not be as pretty as your wedding. I bet if you talked to many couples they would tell you they would rather have had a simple wedding, or even eloped and saved the costs of their wedding for a down payment on a house or land.

Let me get down off my soap box. How many of you married folks have some humorous tales of the adventures and misadventures of your wedding day? Yeah, some of those are too, too strange to be made up.

Thanks for the rain. Did it rain on your wedding day? That means something, but I can't tell you what it is.

Be Well, Gary K

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles’ First United Methodist Church and regular contributor to the Runnels County Register.