Chad Alan Reitmayer, was arrested earlier this month on 4 charges stemming from a sexual assault of a child investigation. The victim’s name was not released.

In July 2019 the Runnels County Sheriff's Office received information of a child who had possibly been sexually assaulted over an unknown period of time. Once the investigation began it became clear any evidence still in existence might be found on computer equipment and social media sites.

The Sheriff's Office contacted the Texas Ranger Service for their assistance. Texas Ranger, Jason Shea began helping with the investigation. After several search warrants were executed on computer equipment, cellular phones and social media sites probable cause was found for the issuance of 4 arrest warrants for Chad Alan Reitmeyer. These warrants were issued on Dec. 12th 2019, out of Runnels County Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Court on Dec. 12 2019. Warrants as follows:

Prohibited sexual conduct, 3rd degree felony - $75,000.00 bond

Sexual Assault of a young child, 1st degree felony - $100,000.00 bond

Sexual Assault, first degree felony - $100,000.00 bond

Aggrivated Sexual Assault, first degree felony - $100,000.00 bond

Reitmeyer was arrested in Kansas City Kansas on Dec. 20th 2019 and is currently in the Runnels County jail on the above listed charges.