During the Fall of 2019, Winters ISD had the opportunity to present at two state-level conferences, TASA/TASB 2019 txEDCON Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, and Advancing Improvement Education (AIE) in San Antonio. At both of these conferences, Kathy Horner from Winters ISD presented on how Winters ISD partnered with engage2learn (e2L) through a process to define the principles of design for all classrooms that would best support their community-inspired vision for learning. Community stakeholders came together during focus groups and summits to share their vision for learning. One student said his vision for students in Winters ISD is to have the “Ability to work independently and collaborate with others.”

As the Secondary Principal for Winters ISD, Kathy Horner serves as a lifelong educator who partners with all stakeholders to grow human capital within the educational framework. Kathy has spent over two decades working in education as a CTE teacher, instructional technology specialist, principal, principal supervisor coordinator, and dean of students. She has implemented a comprehensive culinary arts program, coached educators to modernize the learning experience, and created school improvement processes to help all students succeed.

In an interactive session at the TASA/TASB Convention and AIE, Kathy shared how Winters ISD school instructional leaders led school improvement efforts through coaching using a focus on the high yield engage2learn (e2L) Life Ready Best Practices combined with a learning innovation framework to help teachers implement STEAM and blended learning in their classrooms. She described the process of designing their learning innovation framework and implementing the framework through coaching on instructional best practices. Participants were presented with the data showing the increases in student achievement and engagement which were achieved through the implementation of the framework with coaching on instructional best practices. During the presentations, Kathy was heard saying that “the Winters Learning Framework has provided clarity on how to design learning experiences for students to prepare them academically and for the future they desire.”

These innovative measures are transforming the learner experience for all learners in Winters ISD and providing an equitable experience for all. resulting in increases in student achievement at all levels of the system. Winters ISD teachers were excited to continue designing learning experiences for students during their teacher workday on January 6th to kick off the spring semester with students.