There were no scrooges present at Ballinger’s Carnegie Library 2019 Christmas tea. The upstairs auditorium was packed from wall to wall with attendees who were enjoying the kinship that Christmas embodies. It was a who’s who of Ballinger with newly elected mayor Dawni Seymore in attendance, as well as city councilman Rick Morrish, and former city councilwoman Darlene Brice Kelly, among others. Children, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed the event and shared laughs and stories.

The event kicked off at 9 a.m. on December 7th with Philip Arp playing his guitar as he sang, “Let it be Christmas.” There were approximately 200 people at the event that all sat silently as Arp’s voice and guitar echoed through the auditorium. Punch, tea, desserts and Wassail were served and brought out the Christmas spirit in everyone. There was also a silent auction with many unique items as well as door prizes given out.

Shelly Holden emceed the event as each presentation and production seemingly moved along seamlessly. The show progressed from Arp’s singing to actors portraying a family gathered around a traditional Christmas tree.

The tables of sweet treats couldn’t be overlooked. Everything from cupcakes to pies covered the tables. The line was long but orderly and no one got up during the entire presentation on the stage. It was an event that the Carnegie Library and their board of directors can be proud of.

On Sunday, December 8th, another Ballinger tradition kicked off: The Carnegie Library’s Annual Home Tour. There were eight homes decorated for Christmas on the home tour. The tickets for the home tour sold well and dozens of people visited the beautifully decorated homes. There was a reception with refreshments at the end of the day at the Mid West Texas Art Guild.

The Carnegie Library board was brought on-stage at the end of the presentations and received a resounding round of applause. The Carnegie Library board members are: D'ann Hatler, Robbie Fuchs, Iris Blake, Heather Fuentes, Sue Morrish, Mike Riley, Suzann Riley, Darlene Kelly, Diana Hood, Sarah Campbell, Renee Fulton and Shelly Holden.