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Scott King

Position running for: BISD School Board District 2


Biggest Challenge: Finance. All of the other reasons for being on the board are connected to finance. We cannot continue to operate a safe well maintained school that provides a quality education and professional staff without carefully managing the funds available.


How do you plan to address: There were changes made in school finance this year by the state that radically change the way BISD will pay for construction and maintenance projects in the future. The “Golden Pennies” that BISD has depended on for the past 10 years or so were eliminated by the state legislature. BISD voters approved this extra tax years ago and the state matched the funds generated. This money (+-$300,000 per year) has been used in a separate budget to build and repair facilities without the necessity of bond money. We still have a very healthy fund balance, but with these changes in state funding this could change very quickly if we aren’t good stewards. School safety is very much connected to money. Arming staff to protect our student is the very best single step to protect our most valuable asset, our kids. This program along with some construction and technology that is connected to safety are not cheap.


What do people need to know about you: I have a vested interest in the students and staff that BISD is centered around. I pay a significant amount of taxes and don’t mind investing in our school as long as it invested wisely. Money management and all of the issues that it allows BISD to address motivates me to seek this office for a fourth term.