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Cheryl Buchanan

Ballinger Independent School District School Board Single Member District 7


The biggest challenge facing our school is the success and safety of our diverse students. Many new changes were made by the state legislature in this last session, specifically from HB 3, that require changes in funding that will impact our district financially. The lowering of our school taxes, teacher pay raises, career readiness, reading readiness in elementary, new requirements in dyslexia and special education, pre-k funding, transportation and recapture all will effect the budget in our district. Thankfully, our board has been proactive in safety as we have some staff members that are armed, but new requirements that a safety committee be formed, trained counselors to recognize students’ mental health issues, and secure building entrances will need to be implemented. 

This challenge will require the continued diligence and foresight not only from the board members, but our superintendent and support staff.  The continuity of the board will ensure the implementation of these important issues will be maintained. 

I am currently on the school board, serving the last two years as secretary and have attained over 35 hours of specific school board training. I am a retired teacher, having taught 24 years in Ballinger Jr High as an ELA and ESL teacher. I continue to advocate for education, as I have been active in lobbying for various education issues at our state and national capitals. I served as president of the Association of Texas Professional Educators, the largest teacher association in the nation, and am a current member serving on governmental committees within the organization.  I am a member of Texas Retired Teachers Association and life time member of Beta Sigma Phi. My husband was an educator in Ballinger, retiring after 36 years. We have two daughters, Cara and Chana that graduated from BISD and two granddaughters, Caycee and Charlee. Chana is also a teacher.