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Eloyed Funtes

Position running for : BISD School Board District 2


I believe the biggest challenge this community faces is making sure the best educators are in place to help our kids reach their full potential. The kids are the future of this community and our future leaders, so making sure the best teachers are in place is of high importance. Ballinger is a small town and is challenged with some great teachers leaving year in year out. My focus is to retain these teachers and coaches here in Ballinger. Family is a top priority in this small community, and these teachers and coaches become like family to many. Ballinger must be highly competitive regarding teacher compensation in order to retain our teachers and coaches. Many have told me in the past they love Ballinger, but they need to move where the compensation is more attractive. Our turnover rate has been higher than I would like to see. The Ballinger ISD School Board has the opportunity to reevaluate teacher compensation packages and provide the tools our educators need to mold our kids to their highest potential.

I am married to Heather Fuentes, and the Lord has blessed us with six wonderful kids who themselves are Ballinger Bearcats. Myranda, Brianna, Zachary, Hunter, Graycen and our little Orion. I am a Bearcat graduate who loves this town and the kids here. I am a purchasing agent for Mueller Inc. and have been a employed there for thirty years. I am also a volunteer fireman for the Ballinger Fire Department and enjoy learning and helping others in need. I previously served on the Ballinger City Council for six years, and have the experience to bring to this school board. For the past six plus years, I have helped the coaching staff with film, stats, and currently run the clock every Friday night as well as run the pregame entertainment for our football team. It is important to me that our kids reach their full potential and be successful in life. I want them to be proud that they are Ballinger Bearcats!