Councilman Rick Morrish is the incumbent on Ballinger’s City Council for single member district 2. Rick completed and emailed the newspaper questionnaire for candidates in the upcoming election. If you are a candidate in any upcoming election in Runnels County, you can receive a questionnaire by emailing me at Municipal positions, school board positions, etc., are all welcome to complete questionnaire.

Neither the newspaper nor I, as an individual, who does not live in Ballinger, support any particular candidate over any other candidate for any position up for election.

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Rick Morish

I am running for re-election to Ballinger City Council Single Member District Place

2. When I ran two years ago, my goal was to improve the infrastructure in

Ballinger, such as the water mains and street improvement, especially on 2nd

street, which is a highly traveled street. Even though some much needed improvements were made on 13th street and some water main replacement on N.

5th and new service lines installed on 8th street, which were important, I feel that the

2nd street improvement was not addressed because money was spent on too many outside projects. There are a lot of things that need improvement in Ballinger, but

you have to prioritize them as to what is the most important.

I graduated High School here, and then served in the Air Force. I married a

Ballinger girl and after military service, worked in gas processing plants for 28 years, working my way up from digging ditches to Plant manager. I retired and returned to Ballinger in 1995. I am a Deacon in the First Baptist Church and work in the school backpack program. I love Ballinger and want to see it prosper and grow.

Now, having been thru all the turmoil in recent months, I have learned a lot more about the responsibilities of the City Council. From my perspective a lot of things were not handled properly and I will work to not let that happen again. It does not matter how bad the finances of the City were left, year before last, or last year, the reality is that knowing this, you do not continue to spend, spend, spend. Our budget year is from October to October. We must stay within our budget and cannot spend one nickel on outside projects until the City is once again solvent. I will continue to meet with anyone, anytime, who has concerns about the City, regardless of whether they are employed by the City or any other business in town or a private citizen. This is what a Council Person is supposed to do! I will insist on monthly financial reports from the City Manager. He must provide these reports as per The City Charter. I will ask for a copy of all bank statements each month, to be aware of monies in the bank. I will insist all vendor debts be paid each month and that all grant monies are accounted for and spent only on the items for which they were secured. I will also work for a safe, happy non-hostile work environment for all City employees. I will work to insure all City equipment and City vehicles are not used for personal use.

I will continue to put water mains and street repair as the most important projects to improve Ballinger. I believe as budget allows, continued replacement of old water mains will help alleviate some of the current water problems. When I ran for this office two years ago, I promised honesty and integrity and I stand by that today. If you feel there is a problem, then please contact me and we can talk about the issues. We must move forward and not continually move backwards revisiting old issues. I look forward to continue to serve as your councilperson.