City councilman Jason Gore is running for re-election this year in Single Member District 1. Gore was first elected in November 2017. He has one challenger in Clyde Kresta.


Name: Jason G. Gore

Position running for (include city and/or school board): I'll be running for re-election for Single Member District 1, Ballinger City Council. All candidates have the opportunity to complete the same questionnaire. If you are interested in completing the questionnaire, email .

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing your community/school board?

The biggest challenge in the City of Ballinger that has overshadowed needed economic growth, is conflict. Disagreements are a part of life, but how we allow our disagreements to affect relationships within the community will define the success or failure of City Hall. Certain elected leaders cannot continue to manipulate people and situations by following their own agendas that lead to dissent among city staff and the public at large. Dishonorable conduct in the shadows must end, or we will witness the continued failure of local government. This would be detrimental to the whole community. Ballinger is too small and has other critical issues needing attention, but when all of our attention is focused on forcing our views and opinions on everyone else, conflict will remain in the spotlight.


How do you propose to address the challenge?


Here are some of my ideas in how to correct the negative conflict at City Hall and in our community. Ballinger needs elected leaders that will not allow personal bias to cloud their judgment. Our city needs public servants ready to take the job seriously and honorably. I believe everyone has room to grow in how we all process constructive criticism, and I pledge to set a positive example in my own behavior, as a public servant to my community. The residents of Ballinger deserve leadership that will not engage in activities stemming from personal revenge and conspiracy. Our community requires leadership able to put personal agendas aside and work together as a team and compromise, when necessary, for the benefit of all. I would be honored to be re-elected to the City Council and refocus efforts away from the negative distractions, and I ask all residents to join me in moving forward together. Ballinger is a great little town where we can all grow together and put an end to the bickering. Again, I promise to lead by example.