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Michelle Aguilera

Position running for (include city and/or school board):

BISD School Board District 7


What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing your community/school board?

I know there are many issues, but I feel teacher retention is one of the greater challenges faced by the board. Whether an educator chooses to stay at our district is based on numerous factors including salary, rising home values, cost of living expenses in a rural town, crime rates, etc.


How do you propose to address the challenge?

First and foremost, I believe the focus should be what is best for all students and ensure each graduate leaves BISD with the very best our district was able to offer. I believe we have dedicated board members at this time who face difficult challenges and questions. I would be joining their diligent efforts and work with them as a team. The students and teachers at BISD deserve advocacy. I feel I can contribute my business, budget and employee management experience to advocate for all BISD employees. We must always keep a fiscally sound district budget.


What do you want people to know about you and your candidacy?

I am a lifetime resident of Ballinger and attended and graduated Ballinger ISD. I am married to Damacio Aguilera, and we have three daughters who attend BISD;

Olivia in 7th, Ava in 5th and Addy in 2nd grade. I am a registered nurse and administrator of Ballinger Home Health and Hospice of Ballinger. I am a member of Ballinger Noon Lion’s Club, and board member of Ballinger Girls Softball Association and Ballinger Youth Sports Association. My family and I enjoy attending school functions and supporting the students. I was honored to receive an excellent education and participate any many extracurricular activities at BISD by some of the best educators and coaches. These educators truly believed in our success. This should be the core of our focus for each student here.