This records package is presented as a public service by area law enforcement and the Runnels County Register. A person who is arrested or accused of a crime, present at a crime scene, or identified as a suspect in any printed report is not necessarily guilty of a criminal offense. Guilt or innocence must be determined in a court of law. The Register pushes all information provided by participating law enforcement agencies.

Runnels County Jail records reflect that 14 individuals were arrested between 09/23/19 and 09/29/19 by area law enforcement agencies.

• Beatriz E. Yarbrough, 55, WPD, DWI w/open container; bond $2,000.

• Jennifer L. Parrish, 29, WPD, aggravated assault w/deadly weapon; bond $7,000.

• Jorge L. Maldonado, 32, Tom Green, warrant:failure to identify, give false information, parole violation, warrant: failure to identify fugitive from justice; bond $25,000.

• Joshua R. Williams, 30, Tom Green, robbery; bond $35,000.

• Wendy D. Ridgle, 49, BPD, public intoxication, PR bond.

• Orlando M. Rodriguez, 27, Aggravated assault w/deadly weapon, bond $10,000.

• Natalie N. Torres, 36, BPD, burglary vehicle, possession controlled substance; bond $14,000.

• Jessica R. Martinez, 40, RCSO, bail jumping, failure to appear; bond $1,500.
• Michael J. Liggins, 31, RCSO, failure to appear, assault family violence; bond $30,000.
• Joanna L. Aaron, 34, RCSO, MTR forgery financial institution, prohibited substance in a correctional facility; bond $15,000.
• Michael J. Jacobs, 24, WPD, violation protective order; unlawful carry weapon, DWLI without financial responsibility; bond $8,000.
• Clyde O. Escobar, 56, RCSO, MTR DWI second; bond $7,500.
• Slater J. Lindley, 18, DWI, reckless driving, bribery, evading arrest detention w/vehicle, unlawful carry of weapon; bond $28,000.
• Colton D. Hurt, 22, BPD, warrant; credit card abuse; bond $7,500.