Dawni Seymore and her family moved to Ballinger two years ago on July 4, 2017. Seymore and her husband, Matthew, have five kids and his family roots are deep in Ballinger.


Seymore said that they moved back for his parents, “Matthew’s parents live here and we felt that someone needed to be close to them so we moved here. I’m originally from Beggs, Oklahoma, just outside of Tulsa, and both Matthew and I love small towns. We really, really love Ballinger.”


Seymore is a recruiter for the IT industry and Matthew is a manager for a structured cabling company based in Dallas named Synetra.


The local election wasn’t on Seymore’s radar until a friend of hers brought it up, “I wasn’t even thinking about running for the city council. A friend told me that someone needed to step up and I said that I would. Then they asked me about being mayor and I said that I would be interested. I love to serve. I take God’s word seriously when it says, ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ but it doesn’t mean I’m a push over.”


One area that Seymore has said that the city needs to concentrate on is attracting businesses, “Businesses bring in revenue and I also understand that we have a serious issue with our water and that needs to be addressed. We also need to continue with the street improvements.” Another area where Seymore says that she wants to work on is a, “sense of community.” She said that she wants to work with the community in many areas, “We need to foster a true spirit of community. We also need to tighten up the ship and I want to do that in whatever capacity the mayor can facilitate it in. We need transparency and authenticity because you can’t have a good council without transparency.”


Seymore spoke about the city manger’s position, “The city manager is there to manage the employees and city departments. That’s what a city manager does. There needs to be checks and balances but the city manager runs the city operations.”


Seymore summed up her philosophy, “The person managing your community needs to have transparency. We need to not have people with ulterior motives. The mayor and the council are there for the citizens.”

All incumbents and challengers for the two city council positions and mayor position have been given the opportunity to be interviewed and will have their stories in the upcoming weeks leading up to the election.