25 years ago:

PITTSBURGH - Federal safety experts were expected to descend on a field near Pittsburgh early today, sift through the blackened wreckage of a Boeing 737 and begin the task of determining why the plane crashed on a clear and balmy evening, killing all 131 on board.


50 years ago:

PADUCAH - Another car struck and killed a 50-year-old man from Paducah as he stood beside the stalled automobile of a companion Monday night in Cottle County, state police said.


75 years ago:

LONDON - Russian forces sweeping 100 miles into Bulgaria yesterday occupied the big Black Sea port of Burgas, only 30 miles from the Turkish frontier, as Moscow announced the end of its short-lived war with Bulgaria.


100 years ago:

The Yankee Robinson Big Three Ring Wild Animal Circus will exhibit in Lubbock on Thursday, Sept. 18th.